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Pubic Hair Shaving Story of the Day

This is a pretty hot story, but unfortunately the girl involved is a piece of disgusting white trash that looks like it works a backwoods gas station when not too busy getting drunk off home made screech, but at least we can all laugh at the fact that she had an accident shaving her pussy while driving without a license to a date while her ex-husband was steering in some kind of inspiring story of possible friendship after a white trash marriage breaks up, where the ex will take his fat wife to meet her customers. A story so inspiring Mo’Nique, the Academy Award winner, should take notes on, not because it’ll make a good sequel to Precious, the white version of poor dysfunction but because I saw her hairy legs on Barbara Walters and I almost threw the fuck up, that was clearly the Oscar moment I’ll never forget, unfortunately and that was without imagining the condition her fat, warm, sweaty pussy must be in. The smells….disgusting….

Either way, check out this story, it could be the best news story of the year…

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Marilyn Manson Shaves Nazi Symbols in Stoya’s Pubic Hair of the Day

I linked a story the other day about Marilyn Manson dating pornstar Stoya, because pornstar pussy is the closest pussy gets to dead pussy, from the smells to the loose fit, to the cold dampness, to the diesease, bacteria and magots, I mean other than digging up a dead body or sneaking into the mortuary, you sick Goth fuck.

Anyway, they are already causing controversy because Marilyn Manson claims to have shaved a Swastika into her pubic hair, even though he’s a Jew, or at least looks so much like a Jew that there is no way he isn’t a Jew, cuz I guess he’s self-hating, trying to be shocking, or into fucking Nazi pussy and who the fuck really cares.

They only thing I’m getting out of this story is self hatred for not having dated a pornstar at least once in my life, because I have never had a girl let me shave her pussy, or shape her pussy hair specifically for me. I remember buying my wife a bikini wax kit and having her let me try it out on her, but that she ended in a bloody burnt pussy mess, I’m talking actual scaps and blood, making us never really venture down that road again, not to mention fat chicks don’t like maintaining their shit, mainly because no one fucks them, but also because they’ve given the fuck up on life and are too fucking lazy to try to reach around their stomachs to get to the shit.

Here’s the story if you care….


Marilyn Manson shaved a swastika, a symbol used by the Nazis, into his new porn star girlfriend Stoya’s pubic hair.

Marilyn Manson shaved a swastika into his new porn star girlfriend’s pubic hair.

The controversial rocker – who has been involved in an on/off relationship with ‘The Wrestler’ actress Evan Rachel Wood – is dating Serb-Scottish adult movie star Stoya, who allows him to customise her intimate body hair.

He said in an interview with Britain’s The Times newspaper: “I drew it on with blue eyeliner. I had to call the hotel, ‘Can I have a protractor, please?’ It was 6am. But you’ve got to line it up properly. You know?”

However, the ‘Beautiful People’ singer insists his relationship with the 22-year-old brunette is not serious.

He explained: “Do I have a girlfriend? Yes. No. But I’m single.

“I have a bruise. It goes from here to here. I don’t know where it came from. That means I had a good night. Loose women – I’m intoxicated with loose women.”


Here are some pictures of Stoya cuz she’s got that Alt model, Gothic, Sasha Grey, Young and Unconventional porn shit going on that is going to make her a big star in today’s porn world especially with all these lame gothic scandals

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