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Akon Slaps Some Chick in Concert of the Day

I mentionned that I saw Akon live with my stepdaughter when they rolled through Montreal a few months ago and he put on an amazing show. Along with all the teenage girls going crazy for him and the black hoochies wishing he was their baby daddy, he got the rest of the crowd going pretty crazy. He did some thing I never saw at a big concert and that was crowd surf and interact with his audience who was fucking psycho, I guess he didn’t care because it was less dangerous than war torn Mother Africa where he is from, but I do know that the girls on the floor were going crazy. Grabbing at him and trying to pull his pants down and dude didn’t miss a fuckin’ beat. I guess shit got nuts in whatever city he’s in in this video, but dude slaps a bitch down because she hugs him. I’m not going to take sides, because where he is from, it’s okay to beat your multiple wives in your tribe and whether hitting a girl is deemed right or wrong doesn’t matter, when you’re grabbed at or attacked you’re going to get defensive cuz your survival instinct kicks in, unfortunately every time I’ve dropped that line when girls press charges against me, shit never holds in court, but if you don’t want to get a beating, don’t step out of fuckin’ line and if you don’t want to beat a bitch, don’t put yourself in a situation where you may have to, so since this is some black on black nature channel incident, it won’t go much farther than this post, and if the chick hit was white dude would be locked up already, but I figure I will post the video anyway because there’s no better way to start a Friday than seeing some chick get slapped by some Hip Hop superstar all the girls masturbate to…

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