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Hot Black Girls Matter of the Day

Black Girls Matter

This inclusivity thing is pretty out of hand! Every white person is reflecting on their own racism and their own white guilt, a pretty funny concept to me, but nothing wrong with people wanting to do better…especially in an era where black people are superior to white people, in sports, in music, in hollywood, etc….

This whole black lives matter thing was pretty outrageous from an outsiders perspective, it seems like some posturing or tactics to make there seem to be a racist problem, but as an outsider when I see all these white dudes with black girls and white girls with black guys…I’d argue that via pop culture….then there’s all the white girls who now speak like they were raised in an Atlanta housing project but are actually rich kids from Manhattan…you know what I mean….

Sure there’s the cop thing, obviously cops are more aggressive towards black people, but anytime a cop has approached me, even for dumb shit, it’s been like I am a fucking criminal, so maybe cops are just pieces of shit power hungry fucks…

I am also based in Canada, which has always been the “United Nations” all our content has always had every ethnicity in key roles….like Drake….

So I’ve always thought hot black girls are hot….I never thought hot black girls were ugly and I never even bother noticing they were black…it was more “here’s a hot chick”….sure I’ve complained that black girls are the racist ones for never fucking me…but that’s the extent of our differences…

What I don’t like is the pandering…the creating the issue, marketing the issue, the making 50% of content one ethnicity or the other…instead of just working together….making the “race” thing a bigger deal…

So here I am putting together posts of black girls segregated from white girls to celebrate hot black girls mattering…when otherwise, in other posts, back or white gets clustered together so long as they are hot…

I am not doing this because I have only ever thought hot Black girls are hot…

Black Girls Matter


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Hot Black Girls Matter of the Day

Hot Black Girls BLM

I don’t know this models name but we won’t call her Aunt Jamima, because Aunt Jamima is cancelled and that would be racist.

I am posting her because she’s hot in her lingerie and not because she’s black because I don’t give a fuck about race or religion, which despite the woke people saying that in and of itself is racist, is not actually racist….

Where as celebs, UBER EATS and every other site and platform is posting shit only because it is black, that’s racist.

The idea of acknowledging people as people regardless of what they look like is just being a decent human….and I am not a decent human and I hate all other humans, or used to hate all other humans, I’ve grown indifferent….

So if a shitty fuck like me doesn’t care about race, I’ll assume a lot of other people don’t care about race, but the media are doing this whole other fucking narrative and the celebs are being paid to back it and it’s all so fucking dumb and pretty much racist in and of itself…where black people are just being used as pawns to divide the nation…

I’ve been jerking off to black chicks since I was a pubescent boy with access to National Geographic. They are hot….so what comes down to is hot chicks are hot chicks no matter how tan that pussy is….and I’m a fan of all going on here, especially them titties…


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Some Big Ass Black Chick Named Cherokee Showing Off Her Big Fat Ass Video of the Day

I am having trouble formulating sentences today, like every other day, only today feels worse because I can’t focus on the screen. I accidentally walked into a reggae bar with my wife last night because I wanted to see Jamaican girls grindin’ dirty and getting’ low on another guy because one of my life’s great tragedies is that I have never had sex with a black girl. Not because I am racist, but because they are and proven by last night’s insanity, they don’t seem to like fat mexican dudes in sweat pants and it turns out that they don’t like being made fun of either. When one guy came up to me and asked me if I wanted weed, I told him to get a job. When another came up to me, I put on my whitest voice and I threw out every white Jamaican cliche I could think of like no problem man, irie man, can I get a patty man, take that machete away from my neck please I don’t have anymore money, can you stop touching my wife like that, she is 400 pounds and doesn’t deserve any male attention so please stop making her feel like she’s pretty, desirable just because you want to fuck a white girl and don’t care how obese she is…..and I didn’t get laid by any of the black hoes with their long legs, round asses, hot titties and dark skin that some Spaniard I met outside said reminded him of a gorilla, but my wife did get to feel what it’s like to be wanted.

Either way, here’s some big assed black chick named Cherokee in some Big Ass Black chick movie someone sent me. I don’t know if she’s big to you hip hop heads, butI am posting it anyway despite not having any idea who she is or the fact that she’s the kind of black chick I never want to experience, but I am doing it for those who want to be reminded of what Kim Kardashian should be doing for a career if she wasn’t born rich.

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