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Janet Jackson’s Big Black Ass of the Day

Janet Jackson has a fat ass. I don’t think that is news, but then again, I am not really a news source. I just know that all those little boys who had their first sexual experience with her brother, and who are now grown men, who have flashbacks of those first orgasms who need themselves some MJ related porn, because his Thriller video has been played to exhaustion and isn’t cutting it and all those girls who got trambled at the an MJ concert after fainting in excitement because they were in the same room as the motherfucker lookin for some MJ related pussy may appreciate this Janet Jackson ass…and so will a lot black fat ass fetishes, so this is for you and I have nothing else to say…

Pics via Fame

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Some Big Ass Black Chick Named Cherokee Showing Off Her Big Fat Ass Video of the Day

I am having trouble formulating sentences today, like every other day, only today feels worse because I can’t focus on the screen. I accidentally walked into a reggae bar with my wife last night because I wanted to see Jamaican girls grindin’ dirty and getting’ low on another guy because one of my life’s great tragedies is that I have never had sex with a black girl. Not because I am racist, but because they are and proven by last night’s insanity, they don’t seem to like fat mexican dudes in sweat pants and it turns out that they don’t like being made fun of either. When one guy came up to me and asked me if I wanted weed, I told him to get a job. When another came up to me, I put on my whitest voice and I threw out every white Jamaican cliche I could think of like no problem man, irie man, can I get a patty man, take that machete away from my neck please I don’t have anymore money, can you stop touching my wife like that, she is 400 pounds and doesn’t deserve any male attention so please stop making her feel like she’s pretty, desirable just because you want to fuck a white girl and don’t care how obese she is…..and I didn’t get laid by any of the black hoes with their long legs, round asses, hot titties and dark skin that some Spaniard I met outside said reminded him of a gorilla, but my wife did get to feel what it’s like to be wanted.

Either way, here’s some big assed black chick named Cherokee in some Big Ass Black chick movie someone sent me. I don’t know if she’s big to you hip hop heads, butI am posting it anyway despite not having any idea who she is or the fact that she’s the kind of black chick I never want to experience, but I am doing it for those who want to be reminded of what Kim Kardashian should be doing for a career if she wasn’t born rich.

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Kim Kardashian’s Big Tits and Ass on Valentine’s Day of the Day

My wife just came out of the room wearing some kind of silk sheet as a dress and told me that she’s decided to become a plus sized model at 40 years old. I told her that plus sized models are just a lazy disgusting version of regular sized models and they only get work because America is fat as fuck and offended by regular sized models, calling them too skinny and boney and all that other hurtful shit that is a hell of a lot better than being plus sized. It still gives fat girls the opportunity to get work pretending to be normal and attractive and not lazy slob freaks of nature they are….and that said my wife’s got no chance because she can barely get out of bet let alone fit into a pair of plus sized pants for people to take pictures of.

I went on to tell her that what we don’t see after jerking off to those plus sized lingerie catalogs that I know you’re so fond of, is that it’s not all that glamorous. It’s all about a whole lot of fabric and elastic bands, reinforced runways and chairs, emergency crews at the shoots in case of heart attacks and most importantly all you can eat buffets. That’s when I lost my wife’s attention and she hit up the kitchen for her own all you can eat party involving her and her best friend Oreo.

Here’s some Kim Kardashian from last week showing off her plus sized tits and plus sized ass at some plus sized event because she’s luxurious like that.

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I am – Jamie Lynn Spears Goes to Acting Classes of the Day


Here are some pictures of Jamie Lynn Spears going to acting classes, reality is that Jamie Lynn Spears should be going to a personal trainer. Bitch is looking pretty fucking sloppy and sloppy girls aren’t good.

I remember bringing home this chick who looked alright dressed. We ordered some food and as she ate it shit dripped all over her outfit like the slob she turned out to be. It was gross, but I didn’t care, I wanted to see her tits and this was a good excuse for me to get her shirt off, that was before she actually took her shirt off and I was faced with the strongest push-up bra built, because the second it came off, this girl who I thought was tight bodied, had nipples that aimed to the floor…..I am talking tits a mother of 3 probably doesn’t even have, that just kinda hung off her like a half full bag of milk. I still let her get me off, because I have no standards, but I was thinking how gross her tits were the whole time.

Reality is that I know Jamie Lynn is a teenager, but that means she should be more tight bodied now than she will be 5 years down the road, but I guess things shift and maybe she just hasn’t lost her babyfat yet. That was my wife’s excuse for her belly for the last 30 years of her obese life…I keep telling her “bitch, it’s not fucking babyfat, it’s called you’re a disgusting pig who doesn’t stop eating fat”, but she doesn’t listen. I think it’s just a matter of time before she follows the family tradition of eating fast food and cheetos, marrying losers, having 2 kids she hates, ending up on drugs, washed up and unable to land any work all by the time she’s 20, because the younger generation a growing up a lot faster these days. The other day I walked in on two 14 year olds ripping lines while getting blowjobs in the club bathroom….

I guess she’s trying to break her destined fate, but going to see an acting coach, but I don’t think any acting coach good enough can save a Spears. She’s just riding Britney’s tailwind, which is probably something that doesn’t smell as nice as it sounds and its worked up until now and I’d be surprised if she ever gets cast in anything decent. She’s just another white trash high school drop out with a dream, like this whore I once knew who was missing half her teeth but always wanted to be a pastry chef. She took a few of the classes, maybe even finished the program, but within 2 years, bitch was back on the streets, there just wasn’t as much money or sense of achievement in making desserts as there was in making dudes bust.

Point of this post is to say, is it say, I think it’s illegal to post about girls who are under 18. I can only hope she sues me.

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