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Aubrey O’Day Still Thinks She’s Black of the Day

I understand that Aubrey O’Day eats fast food and gets fat because she caters to black dudes and she knows they like thick blonde bitches, but I don’t really get why she’s trying to turn her skin Beyonce, since the whole reason black dudes like her is because she’s not black, but I guess trying to explain that to an idiot is impossible….so let’s just let her do what she’s doing since she’s been doing a good enough job disappearing on her own, like she is some kind of David Copperfield and a non-existant Aubrey O’Day is a good Aubrey O’Day, so I probably shouldn’t have done this post…but too late now…

Pics via LFI

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Hugh Jackman Gets Attacked by a Fat Black Girl of the Day

I am guessing Hugh Jackman wasn’t in Haiti, but it looks like he was dealing with a Caribbean Earthquake of his own and she looked fucking eager and ready to take him out like he was a school, hospital and all the shanties in the fucking town. Maybe I’m just overreacting, but when I see when some chubby chick coming at me, I get nervous, but it’s probably because my wife is fat and anytime she has this kind of conviction in her swagger, it usually means she wants to fuck…..

Pics via Bauer

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Janet Jackson’s Big Black Ass of the Day

Janet Jackson has a fat ass. I don’t think that is news, but then again, I am not really a news source. I just know that all those little boys who had their first sexual experience with her brother, and who are now grown men, who have flashbacks of those first orgasms who need themselves some MJ related porn, because his Thriller video has been played to exhaustion and isn’t cutting it and all those girls who got trambled at the an MJ concert after fainting in excitement because they were in the same room as the motherfucker lookin for some MJ related pussy may appreciate this Janet Jackson ass…and so will a lot black fat ass fetishes, so this is for you and I have nothing else to say…

Pics via Fame

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Saving a Black Chick Willing To Go Topless for Recession of the Day

I got this email……

Dear Jesus,

You know I have been a long time fan and now I need your help. I am a black girl living in Baltimore and I am going to lose my house . I have most of the money I need but am still $1800 short and I know you have a black girl fetish and figured you would know what I should do?


Elle Vie

PS. Anything but prostitution, I will not hook myself but otherwise am open to ideas.

Since I like to help people who are at rock bottom this was my response:

Send Nudes.



Sure enough, she sent me these topless pics and I figure that I had to give her a post on the site…….so I am going to help this black piece of ass out, mainly because she has gone topless for a fat dirty old man with black fetish like me, but also because I am just that kind of guy.

People consistenly call me a racist, but would a racist exploit a girl who has hit rock bottom for titty pics ? I don’t think so.

I’m just a philathropist on a budget. I help where I can. Like earlier today I gave a homeless dude with a mouth infection 50 cents to avoid him from spitting on me and a few years ago I gave the NCAAP 10 dollars to shut the racist accusers up.

Either way, she needs money to keep her house because America went broke on her ass and decided to take photos exclusively for drunkenstepfather to get donations to help her keep her fucking house.

Her nice rack is still worth jerking off to, throw a few bones her way and when she reaches the 1800 dollars she will take off her panties.


I don’t expect you to give much or for this to really help the bitch, considering you don’t make me 1800 dollars a month, but maybe there’s a sugar daddy out there with lots of money and a love for tits because when I am given tit pics, I don’t mind helping….

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Aubrey O’Day is Turning Black of the Day

I find Aubrey O’Day’s strategy to stay famous pretty racist. She’s darkened her hair-up to look like a light skin black girl gone blonde, she’s taken up eating and is getting thick and she’s even started tanning heavy, all in efforts to look like some kind of Beyonce, because I guess her target market is black dudes, and she thinks that is what they want, even though everyone knows that black dudes don’t like fuckin’ black women, and she had better luck with the white angle, but I guess she hasn’t figured that one out as she goes out partying with her black girlfriends like she wasn’t from Palm Springs and was straight from the ghetto…

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Some Tyra Banks Posing of the Day

Before the Tyra Banks show, there was just Tyra Banks, a girl who worked as a bikini model and lingerie model with an amazing body, who kept her fucking mouth shut. But then some asshole producer, thought “shit, I’m gonna give her a talk show” because I guess he felt that since we had no interest in what she had to day since she was on Fresh Prince of Bel Air and shit was scripted, we’d care now, even if our only relationship with her was staring at her tits and dreaming about marrying a picture of her, because not only did it look good, but the Motherfucker didn’t talk back….

And now…she doesn’t shut up….

Here she is doing some photoshoot for something…..

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People are Too Fuckin’ Sensitive of the Day

I saw this video doing the rounds, and I got annoyed, because I know the company who wrote and approved the script and paid to air the final product, is going to walk away from this with their tail between their legs, like typical fuckin’ companies who fear they offended people, and the whole thing is bullshit.

I am just waiting for a company to do something that is misinterpreted by the public and have them stand by their commercials or statements, I am tired of the constant backtracking to please assholes who have no idea what’s up.

So this “Offensive” commercial is a group of black girls getting a weave, because guess what, lots of black girls get weaves, and they talk about their weaves and they even get saved from getting shot cuz of their weaves and sure other girls get weaves too, and lots of strippers and tacky bitches get weaves, because they just aren’t for black chicks, but seriously, I wouldn’t say this shit is racist, it looks pretty true to life to me. If it was racist, they’d be eating a bucket of chicken, having daddy-less babies between shifts at the stripclub where they beat up every white girl, and most importantly, they wouldn’t have a cellular cuz shit woulda got disconnected 3 months earlier when they stopped payin the fuckin’ bill.

Grow some fuckin’ balls people and get a fuckin’ sense of humor about shit.

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Aubrey O’Day is Turning into Beyonce of the Day

Aubrey O’Day is posting pics from her Paper Mag cover shoot that I guess she’s currently at on twitter. I found it weird that she’s lookin’ like she’s black. Now I love black chicks, I just don’t like white chicks who pretend to be black chicks. They are tacky pieces of trash who deserve to be stomped out by black girls for stealing their men, since black dudes love all things white….

I guess she’s realized the color of her target market’ so she’s gone out and got her ass fatter than ever, she’s got her skin darker than ever, and I guess that’s the magic formula to become the white chick every black dude wants to fuck, but up until now, I thought just having a vagina was all you needed.

I guess the real unfortunate thing in all this is being called Beyonce, because Beyonce is disgusting and that’s a dis worse than unexpected sodomy in a back alley….

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Jessica White Isn’t White of the Day

Good one. I know. That’s why I don’t get paid the big bucks, like I was some kind of Sports Illustrated model for having good legs. If only life was as easy for all of us. Instead I walked into a bar last night and drank an half full pitcher of beer that was sitting on a table and that was abandoned by god knows who, because I am an optimist but also because I like stepping up and taking responsibility for things people leave behind. In a lot of ways, drinking that dirty beer was fuckin’ heroic.

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Kim Kardashian is Turning Black of the Day

Someone give this bitch a bucket of fried chicken and a watermelon. We get it bitch. You are into black dudes. They love your fat ass. You love their dicks. It doesn’t mean you have to turn yourself into Beyonce. You’re an annoying Christian half white half arab rich girl, you don’t need to take things to the fuckin’ project, just because you’re marrying a black guy. You can’t fool us you fucking try hard. I was at a black club this weekend and seeing all these white girls who are dating black dudes try to shake their asses like a real black girl was a fucking joke. Seeing them thunder-clap and throw their fists up like they were in the black panthers listenting to some Soca song was a bigger fucking joke.

Know your place and just keep showing off them big tits.

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