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Loving the Recession of the Day

I love the “economic downturn” because it gives whores who always wanted to be whores a solid excuse for them becoming whores. The concept of topless cleaners is nothing new, I’ve known girls who have been doing this for years, and really the bitch they interviewed make me never want to hire topless cleaners for fear that old housewife would show up and take my 120 dollars I’d rather spend on a teenage runaway where the only cleaning is of her vagina with my tongue, but the more girls making the move to porn, prostitution, stripping and other sexual things, the better off we all our. The internet has turned the world less prude….and women are accepting that every last one of them loves dick, loves male attention and loves getting men horny, even they dirtiest dick hating dyke likes giving boners. Seriously.

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I love the Recession of the Day

I love the recession, not only does it make a lot of people as broke as me, who were never as broke as me before, struggling cuz they aren’t used to it, like digging for cans in the public garbage but more importantly turning everyday women into sex working whores. I was reading something about some New York executive who got laid off from one of the banks and became a stripper and it’s happening all across America and it’s turning our generation into a whole new “Sexual” revolution, but instead of free love, shit costs money cuz every pussy seems to be a whore. I think the desperation was just what we needed to let people’s true colors shine…..

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Saving a Black Chick Willing To Go Topless for Recession of the Day

I got this email……

Dear Jesus,

You know I have been a long time fan and now I need your help. I am a black girl living in Baltimore and I am going to lose my house . I have most of the money I need but am still $1800 short and I know you have a black girl fetish and figured you would know what I should do?


Elle Vie

PS. Anything but prostitution, I will not hook myself but otherwise am open to ideas.

Since I like to help people who are at rock bottom this was my response:

Send Nudes.



Sure enough, she sent me these topless pics and I figure that I had to give her a post on the site…….so I am going to help this black piece of ass out, mainly because she has gone topless for a fat dirty old man with black fetish like me, but also because I am just that kind of guy.

People consistenly call me a racist, but would a racist exploit a girl who has hit rock bottom for titty pics ? I don’t think so.

I’m just a philathropist on a budget. I help where I can. Like earlier today I gave a homeless dude with a mouth infection 50 cents to avoid him from spitting on me and a few years ago I gave the NCAAP 10 dollars to shut the racist accusers up.

Either way, she needs money to keep her house because America went broke on her ass and decided to take photos exclusively for drunkenstepfather to get donations to help her keep her fucking house.

Her nice rack is still worth jerking off to, throw a few bones her way and when she reaches the 1800 dollars she will take off her panties.


I don’t expect you to give much or for this to really help the bitch, considering you don’t make me 1800 dollars a month, but maybe there’s a sugar daddy out there with lots of money and a love for tits because when I am given tit pics, I don’t mind helping….

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The Economy Affects Nude Maid Services of the Day

Here’s a chubby girl who makes her money cleaning house nude, which is almost a turn on for me because the only cleaning my wife does is when she licks a plate of food clean, and we are forced to live in a disgusting, bug infested mess, but the fact that she’s fat takes away all the fuckin’ fun, I mean who wants to see some sloppy cellulite pig naked, even if it’s better than watching your wife or some old Jamaican/Filipino lady doin’ it clothed, but as with all fat people, she won’t do a good job, because fat people are fuckin’ lazy, and the only way people will put up with her shitty work ethic, is if they get to see some pussy while she does it, because the more naked you get, the less particular your client is about whether you miss a spot, especially if they’ve already deemed you good enough to pay to get naked, which I don’t, to me this looks like a waste of fuckin money and prostitution should be saved for girls who actually fuck people, not girls who scrub the fuckin’ floors….unless it is with their asses while getting fucked and not with a fuckin’ mop….

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