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Some Tyra Banks Posing of the Day

Before the Tyra Banks show, there was just Tyra Banks, a girl who worked as a bikini model and lingerie model with an amazing body, who kept her fucking mouth shut. But then some asshole producer, thought “shit, I’m gonna give her a talk show” because I guess he felt that since we had no interest in what she had to day since she was on Fresh Prince of Bel Air and shit was scripted, we’d care now, even if our only relationship with her was staring at her tits and dreaming about marrying a picture of her, because not only did it look good, but the Motherfucker didn’t talk back….

And now…she doesn’t shut up….

Here she is doing some photoshoot for something…..

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  • HorneyLohanWanker

    I would want to see if she could ‘smile with her eyes’ while my cock was dry reaming her ass and a 2 liter pepsi bottle was being rammed into her oh so tight cunny.

    What I woudl do to her udders is probably against the law in most states, but you can imagine, I mean, equipped with 2 3 foot pine planks, a bunch of bungee cords, some ten penny nails, a ball peen hammer 17 clothespins, and a fistful of Kabob skewers.

    That’s what I call a mother fucking party!

  • m

    shut foool, I was sooo fuck her too death

  • tranceman

    I’d sew her mouth shut and tie her legs open. Perfect!!!!

  • Bob Smith

    She’s not good looking enough to open her yap.