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Miranda Kerr Posing in Some Boring Clothes of the Day

Miranda Kerr is a bikini and lingerie model, but for some reason these pictures of her wearing the least revealing outfit I have ever seen a woman in hit the internet. Maybe she’s like pornstars who fuck for a living so they don’t like fucking in their spare time, or maybe she’s like a girl who works at a coffee shop and just can’t stomach the smell of coffee, or maybe she’s like a gyno who is a gay, or maybe in the gyno’s case a gyno who still eats pussy because I am sure they see some vile shit, and really what it comes down to is that I feel seriously ripped the fuck off, something I sure as hell happened to her dress after these pictures were taken….cuz hiding that body that is all she has going for her is a fucking crime.

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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Miranda Kerr Livin’ the Good Life of the Day

Pics via Fame

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Some Tyra Banks Posing of the Day

Before the Tyra Banks show, there was just Tyra Banks, a girl who worked as a bikini model and lingerie model with an amazing body, who kept her fucking mouth shut. But then some asshole producer, thought “shit, I’m gonna give her a talk show” because I guess he felt that since we had no interest in what she had to day since she was on Fresh Prince of Bel Air and shit was scripted, we’d care now, even if our only relationship with her was staring at her tits and dreaming about marrying a picture of her, because not only did it look good, but the Motherfucker didn’t talk back….

And now…she doesn’t shut up….

Here she is doing some photoshoot for something…..

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I am – Cindy Crawford is Still a Super Model of the Day


Here are some pictures of Cindy Crawford talking on a cellphone at some toy store she brought her kids to, because when you are rich and you have kids, showering them with things they don’t need is what you’ve gotta do. I am guessing they are probably her life because she’s really got nothing else going for her, I haven’t seen her cast on Dancing with the Stars or any Celebrity Big Brother shit, so I can safely assume that her kids are her purpose. The reason I am posting these pictures is because I thought it was funny that she pulled her phone away to strike a pose for the paparazzi like she’s still a fuckin’ supermodel, I guess it’s hard to grasp that your getting older and trying to prove that you’ve still got what it takes makes you feel better about things. I once knew am old dude, I’m talking in his 70s who used to be into boxing when he was a kid and was some kind of champion, every time dude got drunk he’d lapse into that boxing tough guy mentality and pick fights with young college kids to prove he still had it and every single time he’d end up getting his fucking ass kicked….but just kept on doing it. I guess you gotta respect that kind of spirit, it’s a lot more inspiring than you being too scared to get a job because your mom’s going to ask you to move out of her house because you like that she always cooks you dinner, there’s always food in the fridge, your laundry always gets done and bed always gets made. If only chicks found that as appealing as your man-pussy ass. Yeah I know the whole living with your mom virgin thing is getting repetitive, but I am telling you it never gets old for me….

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