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People are Too Fuckin’ Sensitive of the Day

I saw this video doing the rounds, and I got annoyed, because I know the company who wrote and approved the script and paid to air the final product, is going to walk away from this with their tail between their legs, like typical fuckin’ companies who fear they offended people, and the whole thing is bullshit.

I am just waiting for a company to do something that is misinterpreted by the public and have them stand by their commercials or statements, I am tired of the constant backtracking to please assholes who have no idea what’s up.

So this “Offensive” commercial is a group of black girls getting a weave, because guess what, lots of black girls get weaves, and they talk about their weaves and they even get saved from getting shot cuz of their weaves and sure other girls get weaves too, and lots of strippers and tacky bitches get weaves, because they just aren’t for black chicks, but seriously, I wouldn’t say this shit is racist, it looks pretty true to life to me. If it was racist, they’d be eating a bucket of chicken, having daddy-less babies between shifts at the stripclub where they beat up every white girl, and most importantly, they wouldn’t have a cellular cuz shit woulda got disconnected 3 months earlier when they stopped payin the fuckin’ bill.

Grow some fuckin’ balls people and get a fuckin’ sense of humor about shit.

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