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Bloodshot Bill is the One Man Band Who Needs to Be Famous of the Day

I used to hang out at a mall near a college and this brown dude with slicked back hair would always let me bum cigarettes off him. The odd time I’d see him outside the mall at a bar while drunk, he always hooked me up with a beer out of his pitcher or more of his really strong smokes, because he knew me from the mall near his college. This was at a time, most people would avoid me or pretend that I didn’t exist, and if they did acknowledge my presence, they’d never have a quarter to spare for a coffee or that they only had one cigarette left so they couldn’t spare one for me.

It turns out the guy’s name is Bloodshot Bill, I just came across his video randomly, and motherfucker is a talent and hope the good Karma from being nice to me in a time no one bothered, pays off for him.

If anything, this video proves that people like Paris Hilton, Katy Perry and other hacks make it, while the real talent is sittin in the food court at your local mall giving down on their luck homeless lookin’ motherfuckers help.

Sometimes Payback isn’t a bitch….

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