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Gillian Cooke Brings the Bobsled Porn of the Day

Here’s British Olympic bobsled team member Gillian Cooke flashing the world her ass because her bobsled outfit isn’t quite as strong as her hunger to win….I don’t really know shit about Winter Olympic athletes because women athletes look like fuckin’ dudes to begin with and I can only expect when they are at the Olympic level their vaginas are actually testicles, cuz if you check out the legs on this bitch, it’s safe to say she doesn’t get too much cock, unless the cock is from someone else on her team, cuz the average man is scared of this shit unless they live this shit and I guess what it all comes down to is flashing your ass on TV accidentally is classic comedy, I’m talking 3 Stooges shit so who cares what she looks like and just laugh at her instead….

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