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Tila Tequila and Amber Rose Bottom Feeding Together of the Day

Like a day at the farm, these two ditch pigs have had the mud hosed off and now they are ready to bottom feed together….cuz those who are talentless and hanging onto the little fame they have as hard as they can have a lot in common and make for pretty good company for each other, since “no one” else gets them and are just jealous….What a fucking joke these bitches are….

Here are some pictures of her “shirt” that I wish got her fucking arrested…but instead got her noticed and that’s all bitch fucking wants…I’m just wondering when she’ll bust out the big guns and start showing off her weathered twat…cuz I’m all about giving girls undeserved attention for pussy…but I find it a lot harder for fake tits….This stunt is so obvious…It annoys me…

Pics via Bauer

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