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Jennifer Lopez and Her Boxy Mom Body Perform of the Day

I love that Jennifer Lopez has decided to revive her ridiculous career. I never understood why she was so well-received in the late 90s in the first place, but everyone thought she was god’s gift to the entertainment industry, thanks to all the marketing she had behind her and the fact that you are all a bunch of fucking drones who buy into the bullshit, but I do understand that watching her try to make a comeback is fucking hysterical as her booty you once jerked off to has turned boxy and flat like the useless mom she was always meant to be….

I love watching old ladies trying to hold onto their youth and the good times they once had…it’s half the tits I get flashed at me at bars I go to cuz old bitches are so wild…..

What a fucking joke….I need the video of this….actually I don’t…It will just piss me off…I’ll just stick to the pics…

Pics via Fame

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