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Brec Bassinger Bikini of the Day

Brec Bassinger is some 23 year old Texan who moved to LA when she was 10 to work for Nickelodeon or some shit….

I know nothing about her, but she’s obviously popular with her creeper fans and probably people her age who grew up watching her on some bullshit….plus she’s in some CW show about superheroes, which I know is probably pretty fucking fake and gay, but for whatever reasons, probably the fact that we’ve become a culture-less, brainless, trashy, distracted, half retard society that doesn’t need “art” or “story” or “plots” or things to rattle the brain, just give them some people in dumb costumes in what feels like a porn setting thanks to the lame CGI.

Anyway, I assume that she’s not related to Kim Bassinger, but hat Kim Bassinger would probably want to swap her out for the Baldwin she got, all fat and pregnant with prison tats that scream unstable nightmare…while this one’s more basic in her bikini, you know simpler in her mental illness.


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Brec Bassinger Bikini of the Day

Brec Bassinger is not Kim Basinger’s daughter, she’s just trying to steal some of Ireland Baldwin’s Glory, but that Amazonian will stomp out any motherfucker who encroaches on her empire of daddy issues, sadness, prison tattoos and legitimately failing at being an influencer when she had a budget, famous parents, and big old tits.

Brec doesn’t seem to have the prison tattoos but she could be sad, daddy issued, or at least chewed up and eaten out by the entertainment industry she’s a part of….I don’t know, I’m googling her to see who the fuck she is…

22 year old from Texas, with type 1 diabetes, a brother named Beric, her other brother Brice, she’s Brec…tell me you’re a tacky white suburban family, the kind with that shitty Target home wall art that reads “Family” with some dumb pun….

She’s also in Stargirl from DC Universe, but I don’t understand any of that comic book shit…I just know it’s part of the cultural decline of America….it’s on The CW, so she matters….hence the bikini pics to enforce her being sold off to the industry.

It’s a skinny body….good enough for me to look at, better than the other Bassinger who I would imagine would be like a crow eating up a sparrow if she realized this Bassinger was trying to be top Bassinger..


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