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Bridgit Mendler Ass Flash on TV of the Day


Her name is Bridgit Mendler…She’s a Disney Star and she signed with the corrupt, twisted, powerful, brain washing, evil empire in 2009, when she was 15….

Working for Disney means more than just being well trained, hard working and even hireable in the entertainment industry, despite being on shitty tv shows…it means more than just being exploited by parents who spent the first 15 years of their lives conditioning them to be accepted by Disney, even in a secondary role…it means more than the execs at Disney who have been rumored to be pedophiles and the whole foundation of Disney based on pedophilia…which I guess brainwashing kids is a key component of…it means that dads who are forced to watch this shit with their kids…because their lives suck and the only way they know how to spend quality time with their kid is in front of their big screen TV…it’s the american way…that leads to jerk off sessions in the bathroom when the rest of the family is sleeping…craving the Disney young pussy…

Well, I guess Bridgit Mendler, is either trying to redefine her career…breaking free from the brand that made her and that lent her to this Undateable show…because they own her…and that’s how it works…and the second they let her free, she’s out flashing her ass for the world….because all actors are whores…and now every dad around the country that watched her smutty TV when she was on Disney get what Disney never showed them….

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