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Brooke Candy in Nylon of the Day


There was a brief period of time when Brooke Candy was supposed to be Iggy Azalea…

She was the stripper, turned rapper, that I guess Iggy Azalea pretended she was, in order to get street credibility..

I have seen her life, accidentally, and thought “She shoulda stuck to stripping”…but then I remembered the TERRY PICS OF HER TITS and thinking how vile her big areola was…but that doesn’t matter, who cares about areola when you can pay a girl to grind up on your dick, even though it’s too late for this Brooke Candy girl, now that she’s in magazines and reclaiming what is hers, as there is only room for one stripper rapper, but it is safe to assume that if you’re rich enough, once a stripper always a stripper logic will pull money out of your mouth with her asshole….

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Brooke Candy Topless for Terry of the Day

I’ve seen Brooke Candy perform and she is in song on stage as bad as her nipples…

For those of you who don’t know who Brooke Candy is, she’s some stripper, with bad tits, who decided to to the female rapper thing, because it’s popular and people are buying into it…and if you’re a slag willing to be slutty and talk about dick on stage, people listen, in Brooke Candy’s case mainly gay dudes…

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate her for being a slag, or for making shit music that’s getting her famous, especially since she stays true to her stripper roots with her nudity…I just don’t think she’s very good at what she does…not even at being topless..cuz weird shit’s going on here…but anything for attention works…when it involves nudity…I’m basic like that.

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Brooke Candy Flashing Her Underwear of the Day

Brooke Candy is some stripper rapper chick who is more of a novelty act that anything of value….

She’s brought such classic annoying hits like “I wanna fuck right now”….

For some reason, the hipsters are all about her, so it is only natural that someone like Terry Richardson would start shooting pics of her in her underwear….but with a face like this…he should be shooting pics of her getting fucked up the ass and choked out….you know the natural progression of strippers with dreams of fame….a career in porn…cuz she’s not hot….

But I’ll still watch her pull her shit…I like sluts especially when they’re trying really hard while saying “I don’t give a fuck”… to be different….

Here are the pics…

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Brooke Candy is Helping Ruin Music of the Day

Marie-Eve here.

I don’t want to get into details but I work in the music industry and have for quite some time now and it’s safe to say that generally speaking, the entire thing is going to shit and has been for roughly the last 10 years or so especially.

Quality control has officially gone out the fucking window and it’s not just the industry to blame, the fans are part of the problem. The people out there consuming this shit are too dumb to care and/or too lazy to dig a little deeper to find anything with real substance. It’s the same reason why things like reality TV are so popular. Until fans start demanding more from the content produced by people nothing is going to change.

The thing about the Internet and technology progressing the way it has over the last little while is it’s this complete double edged sword in the ways that because anyone can have access to software to make music, or make a music video, or make some shitty movie they do so simply because they can.

You’d think this would be good for people with actual talent and in some ways of course it is – it’s easier to get your stuff out there nowadays and get it seens and heard – but on the otherside of that there is a HUGE influx of people who think they are the next Madonna/Timberland/Steven Spielberg Mario Testino and more often than not this easy access to produce “art” ends up being a platform for no talent clowns to share their bullshit to the general zombie public who in turn gobble this shit up.

I don;t know where this was going and I don’t know how to end this but the bottom line is making music doesn’t make someone a composer, hopping on a mic doesn’t make you a singer or rapper, having an expensive camera (set on AUTO for fuck sakes) doesn’t make a photographer and having an HD video camera doesn’t make you a film maker and/or a music video director.

PS. This sucks.

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