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I am – Brooke Sheenan Slutty Dress of the Day


Brooke Sheenan is some Sports Model from Australia who won some Sports Model Search and this is what she looks like. I assume a sports model is what Australians call Fitness Models. A fitness model is pretty much not a real model but a bitch who is ripped and who spends her day in the gym and gets paid to wear spandex and bikinis for men’s magazines, shitty events, tradeshows and other useless things that make them more money than I’ll ever have. They win fitness competitions by demonstrating their aerobic ability in front of judges. They are a lot less interesting than fashion models who live off off cocaine, champagne and not eating.

Maybe I am just a bigot towards people who eat 12 egg white protein shakes before lifting more weight in a day than I have in my life. Maybe I am just jealous because of their jacked on endorphins positive outlook on life and their high energy that I find obnoxious because I can’t really keep up….I guess reality is I can never be a bigot towards a set of hot tits and an ass I can chip my tooth on provided bitch let me near her while handing out samples of Whey Protein at the next Muscle convention….

If you’re wondering why I am posting these, it’s because I can’t keep up with the other celebrity blogs, they are so on top of every set of paparazzi pictures that comes out that I can’t keep up. I am too busy doing nothing all day. My new strategy was to post pictures of people who I’ve never heard of because I can only assume no other site is up on this shit because no one gives a fuck about these people. This is my way of staying one step ahead of the game…..I am always innovating…..

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