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Scout Willis Tits and Bush of the Day

Scout Willis Naked in a bathtub

If you’re like me, you probably watched Die Hard yesterday, it’s obviously one of the top Christmas movies of all time, and it features the talented movie star, midget Bruce Willis, who’s sperm created these girls up inside Demi Moore….girls I like to think are proof that Demi had aggressive plastic surgery done…because they are all a little ugly…

In sad news, Scout Willis has me blocked on social media, so I can’t see her updates and can’t tell you if this nude pic rocking a nice thick bush and some good sized tits are her, but the internet says it is, so I’ll take it…

I assume she blocked me cuz I was trolling or talking shit on her, which is pretty fucking weird thing for a grown man to do…yet I do it….to people who google themselves…

The good news, or miracle, is that I can see Tallulah, the middle sister’s profile, not blocked yet…and was able to join them on a journey to do some Hot Spring / Nordic Spa-ing to cleanse their bodies and detox, in bikinis….

Talluah best caption on the pics was “dedicated to everyone who called me ugly at 13″, because I guess she feels hot, or like she’s grown into herself, and really why call people, especially entitled spoiled rich kids who weren’t raised in LA but who are still pretty fucking LA, ugly…when it’s the mom, Demi, and her huffing Nitrous when people are dying in her pool in LA, you gotta focus on…I mean these girls are just innocent rich kids doing their thing…half naked, in efforts to have more purpose in the world than just being a WILLIS / MOORE hybrid creature.

I’m a fan….it’s sad knowing we will never be friends.

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Bruce Willis Tough Guys’ the Paparazzi of the Day

Bruce Willis is such a pussy….I’m not a violent guy and I am always on the receiving end of people losing their shit…fracturing my face…causing brain damage…shit like that….but Bruce Willis is an ex bouncer…tought guy….who thinks he’s still tough…cuz he was in Die Hard…and has an ego cuz you gotta be hard to fuck Demi in the pre-surgery years…more importantly….you need to be hard to stomach looking at your nasty monster kids…My whole theory is these are some dainty motherfuckers who spend more time getting pedicure’s and crying to their gfs, then being the tough guy enforcers they are marketed as…

Either way, paparazzi asks about Demi in Rehab…Bruce says “Git” like the cowboy he is….and threatens to throw dude to the ground….and it’s pretty hysterical watching such a little man break….more importantly…watching the paparazzi photographers…who are even worse in the pussy department than Bruce Wills…get scared by Bruce Willis is also hysterical…

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Bruce Willis and his Fame Whore Wife of the Day

You know that when this girl first got fucked by Bruce Willis and by fucked I mean when he hired her to be his escort for the night, not to say that she’s a whore, but to say that she definitely stuck around because he is a rich hollywood star, pretty much making her a whore, just not the conventional kind you find on the teeth begging to suck your dick for 5 dollars, she called everyone she knew and told them some “You’ll never believe who I just fucked” and from that day on she plotted how she was going to keep motherfucker trapped. She probably sat there and figured out strategy. First she put all her negative qualities, her neediness, her bitchiness and nagging that her last boyfriends dumped her over and decided that she wouldn’t let any of that shine, she knew she needed to be that perfect girl, that why he’d marry her and she’d never have to work again, so if anything, this would be her job, this would be her focus, all her energy would be to make this meal-ticket happen, and by the looks of it, it worked.

Pics via Fame

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