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The MTV Move Awards Eminem Borat Clip of the Day

MTV is a piece of shit company that has polluted the world with shit like The Hills and after watching last night’s bullshit performance it is safe to say that MTV is fucking done like dinner, before my whore wife steals all my food from me.

Every motherfucker involved sucked, from the people who won, to the host and his obvious jokes, and the only thing that was semi-interesting was when Bruno shoved his ass in Eminem’s face after flying in like an angel. Now Bruno/Borat don’t really do “staged” pranks, so it’s safe to assume Eminem had no idea this was going on, but at the same time, it is candy coated MTV trying to keep it real and stay relevant, so I doubt they’d let a prank like this go down without lawyer’s letters and an approval process.

Because no matter how hard they try to stay real, these are the people who created Heidi Montag and I think they all need to fucking die while Eminem needs all the people talking about him as he can get.

I hope one day, solid content will hit Hollywood again, because whatever has been going on the last 10 years has been on a steady decline and sure, it could be me being more bitter and cynical, hating on shit, or maybe, people just keep pulling the same fuckin’ jokes over and over and over again.

Fuck yourself and the fact that you made me post this out of hate giving you the buzz you were lookin for, you manipulative cunts.

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