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Hailie Jade Bikini of the Day

Hailie Jade is Eminem’s daughter who you may or may not have grown up to him singing about….you know when being violent about her mom Kim, which I am sure they all laughed about when the broke ass rapper made his hundreds of millions of dollars as the COLONIALIST rapper, using his WHITE PRIVILEGE and SYSTEMMIC RACISM….to EXPLOIT the black people by stealing record sales from them…..despite making black people who found him…richer than they already were in the process….because all this systemic racism shit is idiotic…Eminem came from a trailer park, he got famous because he was good, end of fucking story….

Anyway, Hailie posted a bikini pic, she looks amazing, just check out those tits, they’re huge…

I don’t know if the bikini pic put her mom over the edge, because after this was posted, KIM was hospitalized for trying to kill herself….but we’ll assume that as her mother, she’s into her daughter’s tits, it makes jerking off to them more fun….

So a bikini pic of a really fucking rich kid clickbaiting on a boat forces me to ask a very important question….WHERE IS THE FUCKING BUTT SHOT….how you gonna visualize eating an ass if all you have to look at is the titties….

Most importantly, do you think Eminem jerks off to his daughter’s internet porn, maybe he shot the pic, prepping for her only fans and porn career, since that’s what all girls do for a living now, I don’t have a daughter, does it turn off the boner when accidentally walking in on her everytime you know she’s masturbating or taking a slutty selfie…I’m going with probably not, since I’ve heard Emimen is gay….but his daughter’s bikini pic could change that….the tits look good…


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People Like Eminiem’s Facetuned Daughter of the Day

Her name is Hailie Scott, she is Eminem’s pre fame daughter who played a character in his music while he was ripping her hooker / stripper mother apart, all in efforts to be the most accessible rapper to demented white trash who like beating their wives….and I’ve always thought he was a good time…

She’s got 300,000 followers on instagram and I guess she’s recently been featured in some mainstream magazine asking “where is baby Hailie now?”….since people remember the late 90s, they remember the girl who must be in her 20s now…and it’s time for her to milk it.

Milk it like a Hadid, she’s skinny enough in leggings, her family rich enough, her access pretty fucking massive…her dad is Eminem and she’s a fucking star in his songs…it’s like the best marketing an instagram hooker could have…

Her average face, clearly run through some facetuning, it’s blurry and weird looking and she should ask dad for some money to hire some photographers and retouchers – a dermatologist to Kylie Jenner / Muppet her face because cheesy fratty pics are one thing, but average looking skinny girls posed slutty – is easy to polarize and get girl on the runways in Paris Fashion week….like all these other rich kids…

I’d like to watch her do things Eminem describes doing to women…while listing to songs of Eminem singing about her…or those things he’d do to women…as his daughter does those things…because it’s meta…and because clearly any rich kid is going to be fucked up – especially Eminem’s daughter..because he built a career on dysfunction…

I’d like to see her up her instagram game…like the sluts of instagram…


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Eminem’s Mother’s Day Cash Grab of the Day

I don’t know why I like Eminem, but I do, even when he releases tribute songs to his mom on Mother’s day.

Sounds a bit like the perfect cash grab publicity stunt…especially since she’s dying and he’s severed ties with her years ago….it was a huge part of his marketing hook…making this more of a vanity project that initially though..

I just think he’s too rich and too old and the whole teen angst thing is a little forced…but I guess this is what the fans want, and I guess he’s humiliated her enough over the years, while making a lot of fucking money, that now while she’s dying, he needs closure or some shit…that I don’t really think is sincere, but it made for a good mother’s day story…

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The MTV Move Awards Eminem Borat Clip of the Day

MTV is a piece of shit company that has polluted the world with shit like The Hills and after watching last night’s bullshit performance it is safe to say that MTV is fucking done like dinner, before my whore wife steals all my food from me.

Every motherfucker involved sucked, from the people who won, to the host and his obvious jokes, and the only thing that was semi-interesting was when Bruno shoved his ass in Eminem’s face after flying in like an angel. Now Bruno/Borat don’t really do “staged” pranks, so it’s safe to assume Eminem had no idea this was going on, but at the same time, it is candy coated MTV trying to keep it real and stay relevant, so I doubt they’d let a prank like this go down without lawyer’s letters and an approval process.

Because no matter how hard they try to stay real, these are the people who created Heidi Montag and I think they all need to fucking die while Eminem needs all the people talking about him as he can get.

I hope one day, solid content will hit Hollywood again, because whatever has been going on the last 10 years has been on a steady decline and sure, it could be me being more bitter and cynical, hating on shit, or maybe, people just keep pulling the same fuckin’ jokes over and over and over again.

Fuck yourself and the fact that you made me post this out of hate giving you the buzz you were lookin for, you manipulative cunts.

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Eminem Peed on Mariah Carey of the Day

You can stop sending me this video. I have seen it. Eminem says he peed on Mariah Carey. His album drops in a few days. Statements about pissing on Mariah Carey tie in nicely with the album launch. I don’t really care either way, people like peeing on people and people like getting peed on, we shouldn’t make such a big deal about it, especially when it’s an obvious cry for attention, a “Look at Me Everyone” situation…like the time I told the local papers I Scatted out with Paris Hilton when she was in town, only no one listened to me, because I am not eminem….

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New Eminem Video for 3 a.m of the Day

Here’s a happy song by Eminem about killing people. It was officially released this weekend and since I think Eminem is funny, I figured I’d post it. I don’t really have much else to say about that, I am not really digging what I’ve heard off the new album, but I’m not a white suburban redneck from middle America, so I am sure the album will do fucking amazing.

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Eminem’s New Video for We Made You of the Day

Eminem is back and I am just as happy as his white suburban wrestling watching fans because I think dude’s a talent. This video is like that video he did about Fred Durst/Moby/Christina Aguilera shit, only he’s got a really fucking weird accent. He disses Kardashian, Jessican Simpson, Sam Ronson, Ellen, Britney Spears, I don’t dig the song, but it’s gonna be big, at least the album is going to be, even if seems more like a comedy album, maybe it’ll grow on me, I do dig his pink Alf Shirt though, that shit is gold.

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