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Busy Phillips Nip Slip of the Day

Busy Phillips brought us one of those viral challenges, one of those instagram or TikTok challenges, one of those Ice Bucket Challenges, updated for a modern time, because as a fucking ugly pig of a celebrity who should not be a celebrity to begin with, she’s decided to toy with our emotions and our love of nipples, tit slips, tits in general by bringing us the kind of content we love….

The catch….it’s attached to Busy Phillips, a nasty troll of celebrity, who makes looking down shirts almost painful to any one with a little taste in tits…

Her long spaghetti noodle tit, that seems to live on a different continent than her other tit, being a far too real looking middle aged mom tit, just long and lacking of any real substance to give it any shape….is STILL a tit….so do what you will with it….but I can assure you…it’s a pretty miserable tit….a sad tit…a tit that is crying because it is melting away….but it’s fucking better than that face, as tits tend to be, but with a face like that, even the worst tit is better.

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Busy Philipps Braless of the Day

I just did a post celebrating bra-lessness. I call it the feminist post, even though the girls going braless are probably not the angry and annoying man hating feminists of the internet…who want you believing that sexualizing women is wrong, that they don’t like being jerked off to, or any of the things we know to be true because we have brains….

As it turns out, there are still nasty monsters like Busy Philips who go braless for feminism, with shirts that read “Young Ex Wife” despite being old as shit, like being an ex wife is something to be proud of, unless you’re a cat loving, wine drinking, random hook-up bitch with worms in your brain who doesn’t realize that not getting a divorce is the actual win….

All these idiots, put a damn jacket on, you’re offending basically everyone with that level of nasty….

In conclusion, Busy Philipps remains one of the ugliest creatures in Hollywood, she ain’t getting better, not even with all the procedures available for transgenders to be passable women….



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Busy Phillips Bikini of the Day

Busy Phillips is repulsive, but like many

Busy Phillips Bikini

Busy Phillips is repulsive, but like many repulsive girls who have made it as actors and are on TV, because TV needs ugly girls to make their shows more realistic, while I’d be perfectly happy if only hot people were TV……she’s out there with confidence, being quirky and silly, unfortunately in a bikini that she’s not ashamed of showing off….even though she should be…because she’s made it, she’s rich, she’s working, she’s confident and even if she never gets another acting job again, she’s set and can go back to her hometown wherever she was destined to work the Walmart cash….and feel like she’s won…

Well as it turns out, she seems have a boner, and she seems to be showing off her boner and that’s pretty fucking weird, but I guess it just goes to show you just how cocky she is.


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Busy Phillips Bikini of the Day

Busy Phillips Bikini

Busy Phillips is the single most disgusting actress out there…the last actress I want to see in a bikini – or see at all….horse faced and big….the kind of actress I look at when I see her in one of her acting jobs and question everything going on in Hollywood….because something this bad shouldn’t be on a screen – no matter how great she is to work with – or how funny she may be. Not that I know whether she is funny or not…I block out all she’ done…but what I’m saying is that even if she’s the best out there…keep her working the local car dealership ads, not this hollywood shit…

But now that she’s doing the whole Hollywood shit…it’d be nice to keep her clothed, you know maybe come to a compromise….that if you use her as a celebrity…keep her covered up…..

Seeing her in a bikini is one of the last things I want to masturbate to…but will still masturbate to…because I am a nice guy who gives the ladies what thy want when they do this comedic shit….that terrifies me.


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Busy Phillips Throwback Boudoir Shoot of the Day

Busy Phillips Throwback Boudoir Lingerie Black Bra Panties

This Busy Phillips Throwback Boudoir photoshoot is like having a bath with two busty nude sisters and not being allowed to jerk off because they are Christian, only the total fucking opposite.

In fact, the only thing about this Busy Phillips Throwback Boudoir shoot that is like a bath with two busty sisters you can’t jerk off to, is that you can’t jerk off to this, it’s enforced….

Also, it’s like the bath with two busty sisters, in that it should have never happened, only this boudoir shoot did happen, while your bath with busty sisters will never happen.

What I am trying to say is – why the fuck does this exist.


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Busy Phillips is a Monster Lingerie Model of the Day

The idea of lingerie model has been so diluted thanks to the social media and pop culture media machine…it’s become fucking distorted….

It’s like anyone with a vagina, or what they perceive to be a vagina, even if it’s a fucking dick and balls, but that they consider a vagina, because you can’t tell them what gender they are, not even science or biology can tell them, they are woman hear them fucking roar…all while being a dude..culturally appropriating women who have flipped that “No Boys Allowed” sign on their club around to “No Boys Allowed Unless they Call Themselves Girls….makes sense..

But what ends up happening is that people who have no business being in underwear, except for the practical purpose of being in underwear, you know STRICTLY functional reasons…end up posting up pics in underwear.

This shoot of Busy Phillips, who may be a man, in lingerie for a brand, who may be paying her…should have NEVER been a thing…yet it is a thing..

AM I the only one with fucking EYES here….I realize men will fuck anything, I’m a man…occasionally and I know how that works…but never would I want anything I’d be willing to fuck in lingerie as marketing material…I mean sure, a bucket of rotten meat I got from the butcher and that I put in ziploc bags wouldn’t translate to sales for a brand…but YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN…

She’s 40 years old and has a head of a fucking retard….all big and bulky and mom…like I fucking gagging here…make it fucking stop…

I’ll just assume her family invented the Phillips Screwdriver head and that’s why we’re being abused by this…rich people…so entitled…

If there are Busy fetishists out there…you’ll all fucking nuts.

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Busy Phillips Bikini and Bra Pics of the Day

When I first saw these pics I thought I was dealing with Pink’s new acting stage name, Busy Philip, you know cuz she was born as a Philip with a cock and is keeping busy by balancing her shitty music career, her fake pregnancy, her gay biker husband turned ex husband turned husband, and now getting a gig on CougarTown where she parades around half naked….but I realized there wasn’t enough muscle…cuz even when Pink is pregnant, She likes to maintain her rock hard body and would never be this doughy mess…

And after some research it turns out that Busy Phillips is a real person…definitely not a hot real person…not even sure if she should be allowed to wear a bikini you know with that massive manly head…but a real person never the less….here are the pics…cuz even ugly girls need love sometimes…

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Busy Phillips Flashes Her Ass on the Beach of the Day

Busy Phillips is the Godmother of Heath Ledger’s baby and my new best friend Jake Gyllenhaal is the Godfather, so I feel like I know this bitch, but really I’ve never heard of her, because she’s ugly and I tend to ignore ugly chicks, unless they are on the beach, flashing their asses….

This is one of those “Thank God for Nature” moments, because the wind is doing is part to help my pervert ass out. Seriously, I love when nature helps turn me on, whether it’s with freak rainstorms on summer days when unsuspecting girls are wearing white shirts making sitting in the park a hell of a lot more fun or when the wind pulls this shit off and blows skirts up for everyone to see everything….and when you spend a good part of your day on the street, you’ll realize just how often this shit happens, it’s just hard to snap pictures of the shit, making this probably Busy Phillips best work…

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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