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Laura Ramsey, C.C. Sheffield and Nicole Trunfio Toplesss in Somewhere of the Day

Somewhere is some new Sofia “Glad My Dad Did the Godfather and Apocolypse Now” Coppola movie.

Here is Party Girl #3, Naked Blonde with Sailor Cap and Woman Getting Haircut in the roles of their lifetime.

It isn’t in theaters yet, but I find Sofia “Glad My Dad Did the Godfather and Apocolypse Now” Coppola boring, it’s just got that hipster appeal cuz she was married to Spike Jonze and all those film student, women studies, philosophy and poli-sci cunts in vintage clothing at the coffee shop feel they have to like it cuz they have no identity of their own…I know you know what I mean and I know you are probably wondering why I am ramblin’ on about this shit, when we should be celebrating sluts willing to get topless to launch their careers, it’s a hustle/work ethic/ drive I always appreciate in whores trying to make it, cuz the ones who do it without getting naked, who try to rely on their talent and dad’s connections alone, bore the fuck out of me….

Good hustle girls. Let’s see more of you. Let’s keep it up. I’m your cheerleader….here are the shitty clips now sit on my face in my fantasies cuz life sucks….

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