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Kristin Cavallari Gives Head at 13 of the Day

I got this email:

funny little fact- kristin cavallari taught me to give head on a flashlight at Camp Edwards in 2001 ( she went to my highschool, barrington high school, but then she got kicked out because she brought weed to school).

funnier fact- i’m drunk as fuck but fact number 1 is still true. i’ll send pics.

p.s. she’s actually a nice lil girl.. except for the fact that she was givin head at age 13

Firstly, I don’t trust any of my readers to have ever known anyone famous, let alone gone to the same camp as someone famous, but since Kristin Cavallari isn’t famous, I call this message FACT. There’s nothing wrong with a 13 year old giving head, unless it’s on you, you dirty old fuckin’ pervert. And there’s nothing wrong with her teaching her friends how to do it proper in camp, it’s kind of the rich girl way, along with developing an eating disorder, cocaine addiction and Paris Hilton attitude by the time they are 16….

It’s a whole new generation out there, I’ve heard about this young girl fucking shit on Oprah and I am jealous because when I was 13, the only head I was getting was the head on my root beer float….actually I was too poor for root beer floats, I just couldn’t figure out a joke for this. I am not very good at this blogging shit.

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