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Candice Michelle Trashy for Twitter of the Day

I don’t know who Candice Michelle is, but based on her stupid fake tits, I’m going to assume she’s from the UK and following her Jordan Katie Price’s lead in showing them off as hard as her trashy body can to get paid…I wonder if she’s gonna try to stage having a retard half breed baby too….all she’s gotta do is fuck black dudes then drink heavily while punching her belly as hard as she can…..

This just in, she’s American and some WWE bitch. I was way off on that shit…My sorting out the trash has never been that on point, it all kinda looks and smells the fucking same….

Turns out my retard baby joke was really relevant as Candice Michelle just had a miscarriage 20 days ago…My timing is on even when I don’t know who a bitch is. I should make more money. FOLLOW ME

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I am – Candice Michelle’s Foot Fetish Video of the Day

So I don’t do wrestling but you probably do, because you’re just that kind of guy who also collects action figures and has posters on his bedroom wall from the last Spiderman Movie, or maybe for your favorite heavy metal band, or the Jenna Jameson signed headshot you bought on ebay, you play videogames and you’ve had sex once, at least you think you did, but it was during some kind of role playing game.

Either way, Candice Michelle is some WWE start who was destined for a career in porn that started with this foot fetish video. She was probably some local slut who all the guys already fucked and she figured it was the next logical step since working the diner paid the same in a week as one foot fetish scene. She was a girl with a dream and an ego thinking she had what it took to get guys off on a larger scale than working the stage on amateur stripper night and somehow on the path to porno films the WWE saved her and now you’re waiting in line at conventions for her autograph.

Thanks to Wrestling News Desk For Emailing That In….

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