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Ronda Rousey WWE Erotica for the Perverts of the DAy

I find it fascinating that the media treats the WWE as if it’s an actual sport. They have people interview these people like they are actual athletes and not just some weird fetish for half retards who watch it.

I mean sure, Ronda Rousey, before taking the cash grab from the WWE to be one of their overpaid characters, was an actual fighter, to give some legitimacy to the sport, or to give her a good second career that pays….while giving the fans some real shit to jerk off to..you know because the other WWE girls are weird stripper looking bitches…there to make the homosexual undertones, or is it the overtones of the sport, less homosexual to the half retard fans…

I am assuming most dudes jerk off to WWE every time they watch it…because that’s just the kind of testosterone release these bros need…but this dyke on dyke wrestling shit just straightens it out…cuz these bros don’t like dick on dick half naked rubbing, that’s queer, but they love watching it, that’s queer, but these girls make it not queer….

This is so ridiculous. You fucking perverts.

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Nikki Bella and Other WWE Divas in Bikinis of the Day

Nikki Bella With Lana Saraya Jade Bevis Paige and Brie Bella in bikini

People fucking love the WWE….

I am sure there are a bunch of you out there who fucking love the WWE…

I remember the WWE kids from my college years, not that I went to college, but I’d hang out at colleges and blend in, just to stare at girls…and they were the weirdest mix of people…from Heavy Metal looking rockers, to Italian soccer lovers, all while I couldn’t grasp the appeal of the storylines, the man on man action, and this was before women were used as clickbait…

These are some of the women who are clickbait, because I guess the beauty of WWE is that it’s like TRUMP MAGA AMERICA…good old fucking 90s vibe and American values…I’ve been to at least one WWE event thanks to Heyman giving me tickets, and it was entertaining, despite being so fucking silly, but people are getting rich as fuck off this shit, from Hulk to the Rock…to CHYNA and her sex tape and it’s a cultural phenomenon…that’s trashy and good like a Cracker Barrel on Sunday Brunch after Church full America.

I don’t know who the big broad is but here is her pussy flash
Nikki Bella With Lana Saraya Jade Bevis Paige and Brie Bella in bikini

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Her name is Sunny and She’s the Star of SUNNY SIDE UP /a>…..

I don’t watch WWE, I find it too trashy and weird, but a lot of you fucking creeps do, and those of you are into WWE are totally fucking Fantatic about it….So you know who exactly who WWE DIVA Sunny is….

She was likely the stripper looking girl who made your watching two men on each other more “HETERO”…you know some eye candy for you to justify your boner…with all that greased up half naked dudes fake fighting and even though I don’t watch WWE, I know I see these stripper looking girls who wrestle for you middle American trash….are there to make the experience less gay and perfectly balanced white trash.

So Sunny, or Tammy Lynn Stych’s achievements include being a two time Slammy Award Winner, a member of the WWE Hall of Fame, the New England Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame, arrested a few times and now she’s in a Sex Tape / Porno…in her 40s..which is a lot of things to a lot of people like amazing, scandalous, terrifying, hot, desperate, sad and combined worth watching and trying to jerk off to….

The best thing from her WIKIPEDIA PAGE IS:

In 1997, Playboy approached Sytch in regards to posing nude for the magazine, but she declined the offer. According to Sytch, Playboy offered her six figures to pose for them. She did, however, pose nude for Missy Hyatt’s adult website Wrestling Vixxxens, which she later said she regretted

Now she’s taking loads on her face in video!! My kind of girl.

We’re all exhibitionist perverts with questionable morals, in a world where fucking on tape makes you famous, or lets you build on your fame, so why not go the the route of Kim Kardashian, and CHYNA and her dick clit by partnering up with VIVID and making the sex tape, since they are the top in Sex Tapes…

VIVID are streaming the movie as of TODAY… It’s called Sunny Side Up and here’s your exclusive clip because I bring all the sex tape goods…

Watch Out This is a Hardcore Clip of a WWE DIVA GETTING FUCKED…







Maria Kanellis at her Playboy Launch of the Day

Here is some broken down WWE chick, Maria Kanellis and she’s celebrating her big Playboy spread. I guess she looks so happy because it’s pretty much the height of her career and she’s hoping it leads to better jobs for her by getting noticed by the public, instead of just by her creepy WWE fans. I am pretty sure when she was a little broken down slut back in her high school, she had would lie in bed at night and dream about the day a magazine will pay her to pose naked for her, because she realized that all that getting naked for free was only giving her some unwanted pregnancies and a false sense of popularity because the dudes in her school liked that she put out.

The good news is that she can take a beating and that’s what we all need out of a future wife, or girl we cut out naked pictures of and staple to our couches pretending she’s our wife, because when that cut out turns you down when you ask for a blowjob, it’s got another thing coming…so she knows better for next time….

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Lohan Does the WWE of the Day

It turns out that a 40 year old Lohan has very little to do now that her career is pretty much non existent so bitch is hitting up one of the classier nights of the week at WWE’s Monday Night Raw. In my life, I’ve never understood much about wrestling or the hype about wrestling other than that every Italian or Greek dude I’ve ever met has had a thing for it and that it is the closest thing to gay porn on TV, because half naked dudes, greased up and pretending to fight by rolling all over each other’s half naked body is what the gays call foreplay.

Maybe I’m just traumatized by wrestling, because I remember when growing up, I knew a kid who always wanted to wrestle and not knowing any better, I went for it. After pinning the motherfucker down, I felt his boner against my leg and realized he was a little too into wrestling for me. Later in life I remember wrestling girl expecting it to lead to fooling around but it turned out that it wasn’t foreplay, it was just rape.

Either way, despite the mask, this dude’s not me, in case you were wondering, because if it was me my had would be up Lohan’s shirt dress and I’d be trying to suck on her haggard face, not to mention I would be wearing my favorite soiled sweatpants and not a shirt that’s got more life than my vomit after a night of drinking…

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I am – Candice Michelle’s Foot Fetish Video of the Day

So I don’t do wrestling but you probably do, because you’re just that kind of guy who also collects action figures and has posters on his bedroom wall from the last Spiderman Movie, or maybe for your favorite heavy metal band, or the Jenna Jameson signed headshot you bought on ebay, you play videogames and you’ve had sex once, at least you think you did, but it was during some kind of role playing game.

Either way, Candice Michelle is some WWE start who was destined for a career in porn that started with this foot fetish video. She was probably some local slut who all the guys already fucked and she figured it was the next logical step since working the diner paid the same in a week as one foot fetish scene. She was a girl with a dream and an ego thinking she had what it took to get guys off on a larger scale than working the stage on amateur stripper night and somehow on the path to porno films the WWE saved her and now you’re waiting in line at conventions for her autograph.

Thanks to Wrestling News Desk For Emailing That In….

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