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Carol Alt Panties of the Day

What a Slut this Carol Alt is…

Just goes to show you that the slut can grow out of being hot…I mean Carol Alt was an iconic big titty Swimsuit model in an era where not everyone was a swimsuit model….and now, 50 years later…she’s still showing her fucking pussy with ONE layer of fabric to tease…and manipulate….

What a slut…


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Carol Alt Schools Models in Galore of the Day

Carol Alt is a busty, hot Redheaded model who I assume has done Sports Illustrated in the past, since she refers to it as SI, as people in the know do…but I am thinking she did it in a time when the real stars who stood out in modelling were the ones who fucked the right rockstars and celebrities….the right ad agency execs…and brand owners…the right bookers and the right photographers…

You know before the internet had twitter and instagram and the general public had a choice to follow a girl or not…back when it mattered who you know and no what people actually want..

Don’t get me wrong, I think Kate Upton is a pig who is undeserving and just a product of being a rich kid who had the right access…but ultimately people like her..

Either way, here’s what Carol Alt had so say about Kate Upton….

Carol’s thoughts on Kate Upton:
“I think Kate is a product of great media hype. Without Sports Illustrated, I’m not sure she would’ve made it in the industry as a high fashion model. Because she is more of a large size model. And even if I’ve seen her in person, and I don’t think she’s in any way fat or overweight or anything; she’s just more large-sized than fashion models are.

I think Kate is very good at…hmmmm– how do I put it? She’s engaging. She comes to the set prepared to work, in a good mood, engages her client, and she looks at herself as a business. To more expand on that thought, what I’m trying to say is: after she got herself into Sports Illustrated, she wasted no time.”

Carol on Karlie Kloss and Cara Delevingne:
“I can’t really be the judge of whether or not today’s girls live up to being supermodels. Back in the day, it was about the wide variety of clients you had, the number of days you worked, the number of covers you had. For today’s girls it’s about how much money you make and the number of Twitter followers you have! What I actually mean is, the criteria has changed. I know one thing, I’ve seen Karlie Kloss’s body and I wish I had it! :

At least she’s calling out these tricks…the world needs more of that…even if she’s just as bad as they are…

And ultimately…she looks good at 53.

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