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Miranda Kerr is a Catholic School Girl for Numero of the Day

Numero #114 Miranda Kerr from Greg Kadel Studios on Vimeo.

Miranda Kerr is doing some Fifth Element meets Catholic School Girl meets fetish club in this latest photoshoot for Numero magazine. She’s showing her tits, which is good, because she’s a model and a model is essentially just an overpaid stripper who doesn’t look like her face and pussy are falling off due to use, crack addiction, many babies with different men, a broken life of suffering, struggle and doin’ whatever it takes to feed their kids cuz their shitty implants fucked up the milk producing ability, only better….

If you can afford their day rate, pretend you’re a photographer, and set up an elaborate scene….bitch will take off her fucking clothes and do whatever it takes, and that’s always nice when her career is based on being in lingerie and swimsuits, making us need to see her nipple color, shape, size and texture to help us get off to her….we’re desensitized and have more needs than we used to.

I don’t really get the whole Catholic Schoolgirl fetish. The reality is that every Catholic Schoolgirl I have ever met has been heavy into blow and fucking….shit oppresses them so much that even when they are 20 they have ill-feelings about the nuns, but more importantly, the way they rebel is always with their pussies. This one I used to fuck would make me fuck her with a virgin mary statue she stole from her mom years earlier cuz it was the only way she could cum. I am not even joking about the shit, it’s like Catholicism totally fucks people up in a pretty decent way when you’re on the receiving end….not that you care about me fucking….

But you do care about Miranda Kerr in this photoshoot….and here are the pics…

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