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I am – Vanessa Hudgens Nude Pictures of the Day

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I just woke up. It is 3:15. I am a fucking bum and will never get ahead…Good thing I realized this a long fucking time ago. Reality is I got fucking drunk last night and recovery time is a lot longer than it used to be.

A while ago, I read Vanessa Hudgens from Highschool Musical had some racy pics hit the net that she took for her lame fucking boyfriend who is a fucking fag or a fag that a PR team is keeping in the closet, like these pictures are porn that a PR team is releasing to make bitch more famous.

The thought of all this makes me want to go to the local ice cream shop and watch teens in their high school uniform eating soft serve.

Here are the nudes – I don’t know how legit they are. But I do know she’s got bush and a woman with bush is a woman for me. I spent most of my night making bets with some asshole I was with as to whether the girls in the bar had bush or not, and if so how it was styled, but when we had to go up and ask to see how close we were to being right, we usually got ignored….I always figured the cast of highschool musical would be bald, I guess if she was in the bar last night, I woulda lost on that one…but if she was in the bar I was in…I probably could have just paid her 5 dollars to show me. I like to stick to classy joints.


Here are some pictures of Vanessa Hudgens at the High School Musical 2 premiere in Australia because this shit is taking over the world like AIDS..

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I am – Vanessa Hudgens Bikini Pictures of the Day


So this high school musical cast is really a hot thing right now. It seems no matter how old I get, teenage girls will be dumb enough to fall for these shit movies and tv shows and they will believe all the hype of the publicity stunt that is the relationship between 2 of the characters. They will still cut his pics out of magazines and put it on their wall like he was Lance Bass in 1999 only to find out that this Vanessa Hudgens – Zac Effron relationship is one based on shopping together, doing each other’s hair and make-up and talking about sucking off boys with each other.

Speaking of taking it up the shit hole, the walls in the shit hole I call home are pretty paper fucking thing and if I am not hearing my neighbors fighting, fucking, shitting or getting high, I am usually asleep or passed out drunk in the corner. Tonight I came home to the song “Love Hurts” on fucking repeat. I thought maybe dude had fallen asleep to that shit but it’s been about 12 hours and it’s still fucking going. I can only assume that asshole tried to Owen Wilson himself, but succeeded, because let’s face it, real suicidal people don’t fuck up for people to find them and pamper them back to happiness, that shit is called a cry for attention and my neighbors statement is “look what you made me do bitch”, provided he is actually dead. I do know that if I hear the song one more time, I may be the motherfucker they are scraping off the pavement but that’s just because I hated it to begin with and 12 hours later, I am starting to hate myself. If the hall starts stinking, I’ll know to call the landlord and complain…maybe I’ll get a free month out of all this…

Here are some pictures of Vanessa Hudgens from high school musical in her bikini, in Hawaii with her fag/boyfriend, playin in the sand, like they are a bunch of queers…which it turns out…they probably are….

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