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Nikolina Pisek Topless Cellphone Pictures of the Day

Her name is Nikolina Pisek and here she is some Croatian celebrity in some topless cellphone pictures.

Like most Croatians, she probably has a penis, is part of some circus and can kill a man in under 3 seconds, but she’s the good kind of Croatian with a penis, because she’s gone so far as to get the wonkiest set of fake tits the communist empire provides.

Sure she’s got a tight body, but that’s just because she’s on a rationed food diet and sure she’s got some frily lingerie, but that’s only because she is a master of the sewing machine, thanks to communist working mentality that made most of her life spent manning the needle and thread making communist uniforms and bed sheets, but luckily as communism fell, so did her need to repress her biggest want and that was to tuck in that penis and become eastern european whore that she is.

Those communists have sure gone a long way and the real impressing thing in these pictures is the fact that they exist, because I thought they only had nuclear technology and not cell phone technology, which has a way better signal than the messenger pigeons and two empty cans on a string they used up until the brought down communism, but the quality of these pictures, like their living conditions, are shit.

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