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Chelsy Davy Shows Off Her Legs of the Day

I have posted pictures of Chelsy Davy in a Bikini and I’ve posted some hacked facebook pictures of Chelsy Davy Hacked Facebook Bikini and Fish Pics so I know a bit about her, like that she is a rich kid who dated one of the Prince’s in England, but who is no longer dating him….

So these are pictures of Chelsy Davy demonstrating that if you use your vagina to fuck yourself into Royalty because your rich family just isn’t high enough on the social ladder because Royalty is the top of the fucking charts, over the course of a couple of years before your plan fails and that Royal motherfucker moves onto fresher pussy…..the paparazzi care about who and what you do, where you go and how drunk or high you are…..because I guess they just can’t let go and move on as easily as the Prince can.

Here are those pics, not that I care or anything….I just don’t know what else to do with myself…

Pics via Fame and pics via INFphoto

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Chelsy Davy’s Back in Her Bikini of the Day

I was sent these hacked pictures of Chelsy Davy and no one gave a fuck. She’s the girl who’s been using her vagina to get to into the Royal Family in England because the throne hasn’t been overthrown yet, not that they have any real power, but for some reason these pictures of her and her weak chin with her ginger pubed prince are making the rounds and I figured I’d throw them up like I care, kinda like she gets up on top and acts like she cares everytime she has sex with the motherfucker, in hopes that that shit will lead to a motherfucking ring, fairy tale wedding and the official title of Princess, because her rich dad telling her that she’s one by spending all his “hard” earned money from running African Safaris on her to keep her out of his hair up in boarding school, just isn’t good enough….

Girls like this are just too high maintenance.

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Chelsy Davy’s Personal Bikini Pictures Exclusive of the Day

I don’t expect you to know who Chelsy Davy is because she’s dating Prince Harry and has been for 4 years and you’re not quite classy enough to keep track of the Royal Family, not that I am classy enough to know who Chelsy Davy is, because I don’t keep track of the Royal Family, unless you consider me collecting change on the street corner keeping track of the Queen, because her face is on all Canadian money, and I have jerked off to her at least once when material was scarce and all I had on me was a quarter and my imagination, but that doesn’t matter.

The truth is that I am not classy enough to do much, just last week I got kicked out of a McDonald’s. It was at 3 am, I was drunk and they rudely woke me up while I was peacifully napping on the bathroom floor with my pants pulled down and the stall door left open, so this high society shit is pretty much beyond me, but I do know that this girl’s got some pretty solid tits, sure if I was a Prince, I’d be pullin’ substantially better ass than this, not that it would be that hard, considering I’m not a Prince and have landed better ass than this, she was easy and hated herself so it wasn’t that challenging, but more a right time, right place situation that gave me hope of a better tomorrow. True story.

Here are those personal pics of the Prince’s future wife.

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