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Cheryl Burke is Dancing With the Stars in a Bikini of the Day

This girl is a pro dancer who has won the fucking lottery and instead of teaching old ladies at an old folk’s home or teaching bratty rich kids at her local dance studio, a fate almost every other professional dancer ends up in, because dreams of working on Broadway or back up dancing for Britney Spears or touring the world with some kind of dance troop are just drems for most dancers because no one really gives a fuck about them enough to warrant a lot of work in that field and only a few actually make more that 10 dollars an hour with a lifetime of dance training under their belt.

But I have always loved dancing or at least girls dancing and it part of the reason I spend so much time at the strippers. You know that those fit bodies would be fat if they weren’t dancing 8 hours a day, but more importantly you can fantasize about how proper they would fuck you. Dancers just move a lot better, are more flexible, have more endurance and can bounce on a dick harder and more gracefully than a chick who hasn’t been practicing sex moves since she was 6, because dancing is like sex, unless you’re having sex with me, in which case it’s more like a horrible nightmare or war movie.

Point being, Cheryl Burke won the last 2 Dancing with the Stars, she works as one of the dancers who dances with the stars and here she is in a bikini showing off that dancing body you’ve probably been jerking off to the last 3 years because you can’t afford porn and turn to ABC for your orgasms like I used to do back in th TGIF heyday.

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