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Cheyenne Tozzi is Some Australian Model of the Day

She’s supposed to be labeled the new Elle Macpherson, somehting I think only really has to do with her being from Australia and has nothing to do with her body, not that I’d really know, considering she’s wearing a fucking snuggie, you know the fashion forward ones with pinstripes, horizontal stripes or polka dots. The only almost hot thing about this shit is trying to look up her skirt while she stands on her balcony, but it’s kinda not as rewarding as seeing a bitch on a balcony in real life, you know where you can angle yourself appropriately enough to see cunt, or camp outside waiting until night falls to sneak into her apartment building to throw “I know where you live” but you don’t know who I am and I have garden tools and a mask on- surprise party….

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Some Model Named Cheyenne Tozzi’s Nipple in Her Bikini of the Day

Girls are my thing, not because they give me the time of day, but because I can look at them in bikinis and imagine the things I would do to them. If you’re on my facebook, you know that just because I think like a rapist, doesn’t mean I am a rapist.

Speaking of rape, this girl dated Brandon Davis, and despite assuming that piece of rich trash is only capable of getting pussy through rape, he seems to find dumb enough status whores trying to climb the ladder from other countries who assume he’s a bigger deal than he is and and sacrifice their vaginas to the cause to advance their career.

But the good news for any girl he gets with is that they don’t actually have to get turned on for him, because we all know that’s virtually impossible because he is repulsive. His dick is self-lubricating like his hair making him capable of entering even the driest pussy without them realizing it, I am talking desert sand try pussy in any position, this sneaky motherfucker can pull off.

Here are a whole lot of pictures of her tits and hot body in a bikini.

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