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Chloe Lecareaux is the Future in Grazia Australia of the DAy


Chloe Lecareaux must be from France…because she was discovered at the Cannes Film Fest…and more importantly her last name is Lecareaux….which is French…and French girls are great, despite being bitches, they love dirty sex, anal on the first encounter but most importantly…they go to beaches topless…and know that tits, aren’t anything to be ashamed of, but unlike feminists..they sexualize everything….French Girls are good..

This one’s been popping up in a few places and she’s fucking hot…I’m a fan of her work and the highlight of this shoot is that I think there’s an “Easter Egg”…in the form of nipple…see if you can find it…we’ll call it…Friday afternoon games….

This girl’s amazing

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Chloe Lecareux Nipple for Elle Australia of the Day


Chloe Lecareux is some French model who is from France, and that means her nipples are actually her bikini top, which is the very convenient and affordable way to bikini to, because you’re born with it…the French…what a practical people…not to mention they have proven based on all the French movies I’ve jerked off to, and pics of French beaches I’ve jerked off to, that the fight these feminists are fighting – involving the release of their tits for the world to see – to de-sexualize tits – does the fucking opposite and allows us to find out which tits are good tits and which tits are padded bra tits – basically doing the work for us…helping us sexualize tits…and that coupled with fashion doing the exact same thing is perfect for the pervert that is us…

She’s not very famous on instagram – despite being hot – and that makes me like her more…

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