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Christie Leigh Lingerie in Boring Pics of the Day


Christie Leigh is some bullshit instagram model – who probably thinks she’s really important – because the new “being a Disney kid”…is having a million followers on social media…allowing you to define your life, your career, and answer to nobody except maybe the skinny teas that are giving you 500 – 5000 dollars a post…silly…

The only challenge is getting to that 1 million instagram followers…it involves doing fake photoshoots for fake magazines that have fake followers to generate some buzz – to feel like you matter – and the nice thing about that hustle, that basic low level idiot hustle…is that a lot of these girls are cute, the world is full of cute girls…so getting them half naked – is a fucking win…for all the men in the world into seeing random cute girls half naked…it’s empowering…

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