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I am – Lindsay Lohan and Rebecca Gayheart are Criminals Who Grocery Shop of the Day


So one of these girls killed someone or ran someone over or some shit that landed her up against manslaughter charges and the other is slowly killing herself and her career with DUI’s, Drug Possession and Assault charges and both happened to go grocery shopping yesterday, because that’s what people who hate the law do, they pretend to do wholesome things, you know, keeping up appearances by acting like housewives or suburban moms or hired filipino maids when reality is they are just waiting to break the law again, because they’ve got a taste for it and are addicted to the rush…

I once knew this guy who was really into getting stripped on stage at stripclubs, he would go from club to club claiming it was his birthday or bachelor party or whatever else he could think of as a good excuse to be brought on stage with the strippers where the proceeded to strip and humiliate him by spanking him with his belt and making him rock the pole. I never knew whether him wanting to go on stage was weirder than his one friend who payed for him to go on stage every single time and would just sit there watching him wide-eyed like it was the funniest thing he ever saw and like it was a little piece of heaven….

I don’t know what that has to do with these pictures, but I do know that just because he was in a stripclub didn’t mean he was straight, just like how these girls in a grocery store doesn’t mean they’re wholesome….

Rebecca Gayheart – Stay Out of Her Cart’s Way Or She’ll Kill You…Seriously…

Lohan Grocery Shopping – Keep Her Out of the Household Cleaning Products and/or Mouthwash Section – Cuz Bitch Loves Getting High….

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