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Britney Spears Back in Concert Pictures of the Day

Britney Spears brought her elaborate concert filled with smoke, mirrors, circus bullshit, dancing to distract the world from her doughy body, her insane brain, and the fact that she can’t sing. The good news is that she didn’t fall asleep halfway through the concert while eating mustard out of a jar, she didn’t try to hang herself off one of the props, and she did the whole thing showing off her mom body in a way that it didn’t look too much like a mom body, you know reminiscent of a simpler time, when she had one music video that played on repeat and I had cable and no job and she was 17 and I wasn’t and you know how this story ends.

Here are a shitload of her concert pictures, I wasn’t there, so what more do you expect me to say about it. I want to go to the one that happens in Montreal at the end of the month, I figure it’ll be a good place to abduct kids and the world can always use another amber alert…even though I’m sure he audience are people still latching on from 9 years ago, like me.

I asked for tickets on the site already and no one got back to me, I guess my dreams of meeting Britney before she dies will never be. Hit me baby one more time.

All I can hope for is she gets knocked up by another one of her bottom feeding back-up dancers who claims to be ungay. I feel like Britney needs more babies to live up to her destiny of being a deadbeat mom from the gutter.

Who cares what I think, here are the pics.

Here are some performance videos if you care, I don’t really, but figured I went to this much trouble, why the fuck not post them…

Britney Spears Performing Me Against The Music in the India Shit…

Performing Baby One More Time in the Black Bra Shit

Performing Breathe On Me with Her Nipple Tassels

I am sure there are a lot more – but I’ve played the 13 year old girl angle enough for one night….wow…this post makes me look like a real big fag in love with all things Britney…I just like her tits…yeah that took back my manhood….

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Britney Spears is the New Candy Girl of the Day

This Britney Spears shit is going to be a pretty big deal, All her shows are sold out and tickets are going for 200 dollars a piece and after seeing the dress rehearsal videos, some pretty fucking nutty shit goes down. It’s on some kind of Cirque du Soleil gayness, but maybe I’m just saying that because I’ve never gone to Cirque du Soliel, but probably more likely because seeing contortionists doing ribbon dances bores me, but I guess it all makes sense because her shit is called Circus.

It looks like it is going to be costing a lot of fucking money and even the dress rehearsals are big fucking scale. Her costumes are slutty, I want to fuck her and I guess so do a lot of big corporations who are on to help foot the bill, one of those companies is Candies, a shoe company and junior clothing company who have gone so far as to make Britney one of their Candies Girls, I guess in efforts to get their money’s worth.

It’s nice to see brands attach themselves to a bipolar, unstable, crazy person, you’d expect their conservative asses to stay as far away as possible from, but I guess they figure it’s worth draggin heir brand’s through the mud to be part of the biggest fucking concert in history, unless she kills herself before it starts….

Here’s the second video of her rehearsal….if anyone has tickets for me, I want to go masturbate in the crowd. Not to Britney but to all the little girls who act slutty like Britney.

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Britney Spears Circus Video Leak of the Day

Britney Spears is everywhere, this is her new video for one of her songs. It was leaked on some Japanese site which was a little surprising, since I thought Japanese people were only into puking on each other and fucking sea food, but then I realized this is Britney Spears we’re talking about and 90 percent of what she does involves puke and sea food.

If You Want To Watch the Video It Is Here For Now….

Here’s the youtube….

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