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The Miley Cyrus Titty Pictures of the Day

I was planning on staying as far away from posting these Miley Cyrus titty pictures that are circulating around the internet because she’s only 16, and despite the fact that she comes across as a little slut, the law wants us to pretend she isn’t, while her PR team want to tease us and put illicit thoughts in our heads. The good news is that she’s an unattractive little pig, so no matter how hard they try to get me to admit I’d get with her on a public website that runs porn ads, in a way to back me into the corner, get me locked up only to let the other inmates treat me like Miley gets treated by the Disney execs, but I’m too fucking smart for them and I’m not posting to the tit shots, I’m just linking to them. Enjoy, you sick fucks.

To See The Not Safe For Anywhere Pics of The Side of Her Tit, Follow This Link, Cuz I am Not Posting this Shit and the Paparazzi Should not Be Releasing Kiddy Porn….

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