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Samaire Armstrong in a Cleavage Vest of the Day

I used to watch the OC with my friend who sounds like Barney from The Flinstones when he talks. He was this 40 year old pervert who was on welfare and who would always be done to go to the college parties and was the only member of my OC watching parties because like I mentioned before was a good way to talk to 18 year old girls who would otherwise be disgusted with us. He was crazy about this bitch, he thought she was the hottest fuckin’ piece and it provided countless “who’s hotter” arguments that reminded me of virgins getting together on Saturday nights to watch their favorite movies and judge which girls they would marry, when in reality they’d pounce on even the fattest chick willing to take her extra large panties off for them, if they weren’t too shy, scared and embarrassed of pretty much everything. I didn’t really get the appeal, but I do get the cleavage vest and I figured it was worth posting because I doubt anyone else in their right mind will because these pictures fucking suck.

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