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Coco Showing Ass of the Day

Coco Austin is a familiar ass….she was “lingerie model” at least according to her official origin story, but I think she started off as a stripper, met a famous rapper, pretended she wasn’t a stripper, despite her body being one of a stripper, and really her behavior one of a stripper, who managed to crawl out of the strip club, to live a life of luxury as a rapper’s wife…but what the fuck do I know..

At 44, she’s still building the content around her silly ass, obviously it’s something ICE T is into her doing, because she’s a mother, he’s rich as shit, and the money off OnlyFans made or other projects where she is whoring her 44 year old ass is not necessary, but it gives him something to be turned on by, like some cuck shit….without the actual cuck…but with the attempt to make dude want to fuck your wife being the cuckolding.

Her ass is ridiculous in the g-string, but I support a bitch who never gives up even though she can give up, maybe should give up, because she’s still got big ass to give and she’s giving it…


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Coco Shaves Her Bush of the Day

Coco’s a bit of a legend for those of us who remember her from 15 years ago, before she was a mom and I guess 15 years older….I am not too sure what she’s a legend for, I guess being Ice T’s wife, but Ice T’s a pretty cool character, I’ve seen his tweets, he’s funny…despite being a puppet of the industry on his Network TV shows that you know eat your soul with every scene, but motherfucker’s getting paid….I heard he got paid over 1,000,000 dollars to be the Kangaroo in Tank Girl, a movie I’m sure some of you nerds jerked off to a few times in the 90s, because it was your favorite GRAPHIC NOVEL turned into a MOVIE….before every movie was from a GRAPHIC NOVEL designed to sell to CHINA…

Anyway, COCO’s been the big titty glamour model wife who I am sure has got naked on the internet in her Glamour shoots, and it’s actually pretty nice to see the two are still together after all these years, she probably lets him fuck other girls, obviously…you know why turn your back on that LAW AND ORDER money…and that should probably be the rule for all marriages because husbands really only hate their wives for being naggy bitches who don’t fuck them, but for the most part they liked them enough to marry them, and don’t mind hanging out with them, so long as you can fuck other groupie pussy, you can have a fulfilled relationship filled with good times….

I should be a marriage councillor in the FEMA CAMPS…

This is a picture of her shaving her box that you know is probably lasered, but it’s good comedy for those into pics of girls shaving their pussy, which even for a BUSH lover like myself, I still like to watch a good trimming go down….knowing the bush will grow back…exhilarating…I know.


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Coco is Pregnant of the Day


I saw this yesterday, and didn’t care, because it was sunday in the summer and I had some girls naked and half naked distracting me by the lake…and even if I was sitting at the wall – staring at my failures…I would still not care…it’s fucking Coco, a stripper, turned hooker, turned wife…to a dude who I guess likes strippers and hookers….with ridiculous asses…who I assume cheat on him…as strippers and hookers do…because they need the constant attention…but was smart enough to say “this silly fake ass act is fading, let’s go with pregnancy, plus pregnancy means solid child support checks for life, helps pay for the stipper sex shop clothing she wears”…and the reality is she’s harmeless, I’m just amazed it’s taken her this long to get to this point, usually hookers lock that in before marriage, I’m also amazed she’s able to get pregnancy in what must be her later 40s, but thank god she’ll have some spoiled kid to pass on her life lessons to…

Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 5.41.17 PM

Here’s a retrospective of her..or what was her…and that looks like she’s already got 5 kids and probably has the vagina of someone with 5 kids…you know how black cock does it…

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Coco and Her Sister Grind Cunts of the Day

A video posted by Coco (@coco) on

So Coco and her sister got some attention for rubbing vaginas, as sisters do, especially when they are attention seeking hookers who were taught to do anything they could to get noticed…and I guess that’s why they decided to release the video…

White trash sisters who work as prostitudes or strippers have been milking being sisters for extra money forever…this is nothing new…but still worth watching..

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Coco and Her Sister Rub Dirty Vagina of the Day


I have a sister fetish…..one that creeps out every sister or I’ve ever spoken to, whether she is with her sister or not…

Because I always tell them about how if sisters were raised properly by my standards, but not properly by societies standards..they’d be letting me watch themselves eat each other out…since according to DNA, you’re pretty much close enough for it be called masturbation…

It never works…but there are sisters who fuck each other’s boyfriends…because it’s prime catty, competitive behavior…and I guess that’s the one thing you can hope for…unless you know girls who are raised by my standards…and not society’s standards…

All this to say, Coco and her sister are clearly on another level of whore, fame whore, exclusive to one client, do whatever it takes to get noticed, to pay off the ass implants, to live the good life..and this yoga pose from the other day is just a magical, visual rendition of that…

Stayin’ healthy the way I like it…

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Coco’s Got Lingerie of the Day

Coco is hilarious. She’s so fucking vile, but I don’t hate her, only because she owns her trashy white trash, hooker or stripper turned wife to some rich as fuck rapper…all thanks to being white and having a silly as fuck ass that only a black dude would like…if it was trendy to have a big fucking ass…

She must be in her 40s now, and she’s finally managed to release a line of the cheapest looking lingerie…that I don’t think can even be called lingerie, I can’t even imagine anyone but strippers would look at this and think “I need this it is so pretty”….because it’s not, it’s like vile, I think I got herpes watching this…and staring too long at the g-string mid-twerk…

And the funny thing is that I loved EVERY fucking second of it….



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