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Coco Rocha Riverdance of the Day

Coco Rocha is a tall freaky model….who is from Canada, and who like all Canadians, is well versed in the stupid as fuck Riverdance…it’s like Michael Flatley is a national fucking hero here…and every tall, awkward, pale skinned girl, not just ones who become millionaire top models, gets down like this…and I find the whole thing so dump I have no choice but to post it..even though I know you don’t care about any Coco Rocha cocunt….

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Coco Rocha and Jessica White Launch NY Fashion Week of the Day

New York Fashion week officially started. You may be asking what that has to do with you….and the answer is pretty much nothing….but it does mean that every hot model you may want to fuck because she has ridiculous legs and isn’t fat will be strutting down the runway, often times in sheer tops and half naked, cuz fashion and nipples go hand in hand and I guess I’ll keep track of that as well as I keep track of everything, which is not very well at all….but I seem to be doing alright at staring at a kicking model in little short’s crotch

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