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Codie Young in Lingerie for Vogue of the Day


Codie Young did a lingerie spread for Vogue…even though Codie Young is not a lingerie model…she is however one of those obscure looking models that the fashion industry digs out of got knows where..because they like her interesting face and look…that the general population would be terrified of or find creepy…but they see the art in…and in being into posting lingerie pics for fashion and/or for anything from instagram accounts…to porn set pics…I dig it…because lingerie is so erotic even when on girls that look like the awkward boy you grew up with…the one with all the allergies…not because you find him hot..but because despite looking like that…she’s got a vagina and we like vagina…

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Codie Young Does Jessica Rabbit in a Weird Shoot for UMNO Magazine of the Day


This is just fucking weird..

Her name is CODIE YOUNG

She’s Australian…

She’s got small tits, big bug eyes, and she’s managed to get cast for this Jessica Rabbit shoot, that I assume is for some of you weirdo Cosplay people who still jerk off to Jessica Rabbit…or girls dressed like Jessica Rabbit, because you’re into cartoons, because cartoons can’t say no to you, and you’re into girls who dress like cartoons, because they get you….

She’s got no tits, which isn’t a bad thing to me, because you see…I like…small tits…but I know if I was to jerk off to Jessica Rabbit, or Jessica Rabbit fetish photos…I’d want silly rabbit sized tits…


Silly rabbit sized tits…


I hate myself, bad puns, shit comedy…and this shoot..

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Codie Young in Some Weird Nude Photoshoot of the Day

Codie Young is in a seriously creepy, powdered looking portrait nudes that seem like they are from some Mozart era sex tape…and for some reason I think masturbating to these make you more cultured…like every time I masturbate to DiVinci’s David…it’s not gay if it’s a statue..with a clit like penis…

I don’t know what it is from, I do know it’s creepy, I don’t know who Codie Young is, I do know her tits…and these are the pics…

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Ava Smith, Codie Young and Madison Hendrick in a Weird Titties for Fashion Shoot of the Day

These pics are for Dazed & Confused June issue….a fashion magazine that gets away with published tits…while I get called a porn site for posting the same tits they published…cuz the world is pretty fucking unfair…but in its unfairness comes great opportunity….like eager bitches willing to get topless like pornstars while retaining their dignity like non-pornstars…..because they shoot is high concept with make up on their faces….but ultimately still fucking topless….

Here are Ava Smith, Codie Young and Madison Hendrick in this wild shoot…they are models I’ve never heard of….but now, I have seen their tits…

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Codie Young Showing Tit in Lingerie for Black Magazine of the Day

This is my first post on size zero model Codie Young…who is in this great photoshoot in the cemetery like a goth for something called Black Magazine…that she’s in panties and more importantly showing nipple in…which is standard for fashion models…but not so standard for 18 year old fashion models…cuz it usually takes a couple of years in the industry to realize you get no where without showing tit…and her fast moving, mature take on her work…while other 18 year olds are only showing tit for their boyfriends…and her willingness to get that picture for her careeer, cuz flashing tits is fun regardless of getting paid for it, especially when you are doing it in such a classy, artistic and respectful way…at least that’s what you tell youself…while the end conclusion still remains….that I still get to see titty….and now so do you…

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