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Brad Garrett on Fox & Friends After the Show of the Day

Here’s a video I am posting because it defends the kind of comedy I like to think I do. I make fun of everything and everyone gets all uptight about the shit and it’s annoying because it is just jokes and all those people don’t have a sense of humor. I am not saying that I am actually funny, but I am saying that I don’t mean to hurt all your little sensitive feelings when I am an asshole.

The other reason I am posting this is because the whole sitcom world takes seemingly talented or at least funny comedians, who at one time were innovative or at least interesting to listen to because they didn’t give a fuck, but sell out for lots of money, making them look like pussies to the rest of the world annoying us via our televisions without ever knowing what they did before they got the gig as Ray’s brother and even after seeing him in action, won’t go back to his old stuff, but I do know that dude ruined himself by not selling out in a way to retain his street cred. I guess he’s got the last laugh because of his huge bank account and shit, but I still think that kind of oppression on someone’s creativity is depressing and another reason why Hollywood ruins lives. Enjoy.

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Hayden Panettiere’s Sexual Harassment Video of the Day

I’ve made it clear that I hate Will Ferrell and everything dude’s involved in, including this Funny or Die bullshit, but I had no choice to post it because Hayden Panettiere is talking about being sexually harassed and that’s pretty much the funniest thing I’ve heard today. So I guess Will Ferrell knows funny, but considering I don’t talk to anyone, that’s not saying much, but I can only assume she assumes guys are sexually harassing her when they challenge her to a wrestling match, what she doesn’t know is that there’s a bet between the guys that they won’t win and they are trying to save face.

I guess none of that matters, here’s Hayden’s shoulders doing some stupid PSA comedy clip that isn’t funny, but proves that perverts are addicted to pussy and don’t necessarily give a fuck what that pussy is attached to, like a crack addict searching through the sewer for a rock he thinks he saw some cheap whore drop earlier that day. Crazy crackheads. It’s also Hayden Panettiere’s passive aggressive way of telling us not to objectivfy her or she’ll crush us like she crushed the bench press before shooting this.

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Will Arnett in Some Comedy Sketch of the Day

I can’t update my site because I had to switch hosts last night, but I think I can post video so this is me trying.

It’s from Will Ferrell’s shitty comedy sketch site where he gets his friends to do free work and act like assholes for the world to laugh at, because it turns out that people are pretty easy to make laugh when I’m not the one writing the shit. Either way this site is usually not all that funny, but this one was too obscure to ignore. It’s some kind of Olsen Twin sex tape shit with some homo shit interlaced. It’s got some stupid jokes that you could have written, which as we all know, isn’t saying much because you can barely write your own name in the emails you send me. Either way, I almost laughed when he said “all this talk about abortion is making me super wet”. Watch it.

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