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Brad Garrett on Fox & Friends After the Show of the Day

Here’s a video I am posting because it defends the kind of comedy I like to think I do. I make fun of everything and everyone gets all uptight about the shit and it’s annoying because it is just jokes and all those people don’t have a sense of humor. I am not saying that I am actually funny, but I am saying that I don’t mean to hurt all your little sensitive feelings when I am an asshole.

The other reason I am posting this is because the whole sitcom world takes seemingly talented or at least funny comedians, who at one time were innovative or at least interesting to listen to because they didn’t give a fuck, but sell out for lots of money, making them look like pussies to the rest of the world annoying us via our televisions without ever knowing what they did before they got the gig as Ray’s brother and even after seeing him in action, won’t go back to his old stuff, but I do know that dude ruined himself by not selling out in a way to retain his street cred. I guess he’s got the last laugh because of his huge bank account and shit, but I still think that kind of oppression on someone’s creativity is depressing and another reason why Hollywood ruins lives. Enjoy.

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