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RIP Motherfucker the Corey Haim Edition of the Day

Corey Haim’s dead. He’s had a lot of issues over the last 20 years and I’m actually surprised he’s lived this long, but that doesn’t make it not a sad situation, if anything it makes his entire life a sad situation and this was unfortunately expected…..He had an overdose and that’s just what happens when a motherfucker does drugs for so fucking long. It’s really just a fucking waste.

The only Corey Haim story I have was from 10 years ago, when he was really rock bottom, and living back in Montreal in a one room apartment that his mom paid for. It was before the whole “Two Coreys” show tried to revive his career / give him enough money to do all the drugs he wanted….My friend happened to live across the hall from him, and he’d come over at all hours of the night knocking, looking for cigarettes, he’d even go so far as to fish through my friend’s ashtray and role a cigarette from a bunch of half smoked cigarette…and my friend would get a kick out of the fact a teen actor from Lost Boys was cracked out on his couch rolling homeless man cigarettes until the novelty wore off and he had to stop answering Haim’s requests….

Crack takes over your fucking life forever and an addiction this deep and sick, selfish and like diamond is forever…a serious horrible thing that ruins lives and I guess so is Hollywood….

My thoughts seriously go out to his family who I am sure have aged and been struggling with this for so many years…watching someone slowly kill themselves is sad, and so is death whether it put a sick person out of his misery, or whether it is expected or not.

RIP Motherfucker.

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