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Belladonna’s Crib of the Day

I am not that into porn, sure I like watching girls fuck and suck dick like any other guy, but I find anything produced to be boring, repetitive, hard to get into and impossible to get off to. Mabe I don’t have a solid attention span, maybe I am desensitized, who the fuck knows.

I do know who Belladonna is, she’s a fucking legend, she pushes the boundaries and someone that pretty much everyone I know was in love with at some point or another over the years. There’s something really sweet about her, she’s one of those mormon’s turned bad, very fuckin’ bad, if you’re familiar with any of her work.

The highlight of the video is when she shows you what 10 years of anal sex does to you. Something you’ll be able to relate to when you admit you’re gay.

Part 2

Part 3

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