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Dalianah Arekion Models in Bathing Suits of the Day


Dalianah Arekion is Maurician…which is a small island off the coast of Africa…and I’ve known a few hot Mauritian girls over the years…even though you’ve probably never heard of Mauritius because you are American and as far as you’re concered there’s one country in the world and there’s a lot of Fast Food, Fast Fashion and Fat people there…and all those brownish people are from other places, look good thanks to not being fucking pigs, but are here trying to steal your jobs…or do crimes to make your GOD LOVING STREETS dangerous…

That said, this is the second Dalianah Arekion post in a week. The first one was about the time I went to a Mauritian restaurant and the owner was a Cuban whore fucking pervert who had pics of his Cuban whores…

Now this one…far less fun, interesting, but still features the “is she indian, is she African, is she Middle Eastern” test a girl I sext made me play – and that I just stuck with INUIT as to not offend…because offending people may be what I do on the internet on a real small scale…but offending girls about to spread their pussies for me…is just bad business..

Here she is

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Dalianah Arekion in Lingerie of the Day


Dalianah Arekion is Maurician…which is a small island off the coast of Africa…and I’ve known a few hot Mauritian girls over the years…but my most interest Maurician story..that has zero to do with Dalianah Arekion….is that I once found a Maurician restaurant in the middle of no where….I was curious and walked inside the empty, dirty, disgusting restaurant…only to be greeted by the owner, chef, pervert who along with feeding me like a king for 10 dollars….and not getting me sick with his glorious ethnic foods…despite the fact there were moldy shower curtains being used on the windows…or that we were smoking cigarettes despite it being illegal…because that’s how wild I was with my new friend….and the highlight of the dinner…was at desert when he busted out his photo albums from his trips to Cuba…that included pages and pages of his “girlfriends”…all barely 18 year old naked cuban hookers he would pay 15 dollars a day to….

He even had tufts of their pubic hair within his album…

So not only did I eat well, from a new culture, in a new place…but I also got to experience his masturbation bible, his sexual history, a glimpse of cuban hookers….

Like I said, my story…has nothing to do with Dalianah Arekion…but I like her people…plus it’s about Mauritian Sex / Sex Workers / etc…and as a model..that’s kind of her thing….so in a weird way…my irrelevance is totally relevant..

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