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Do I Care About Danica Patrick’s Panties of the Day

Danica Patrick's Panties

Race car driver Danica Patrick, who is apparently took a selfie in front of the mirror..or maybe this is an actual photoshoot of her in her panties…because we live in a feminist world, where a woman can have what was once considered a man’s job, even though the car does all the damn work, but more importantly, can still sexualize herself like a low level stripper, in attempts to not be slated as a TOM BOY, she couldn’t have that, while she’s got a fit athlete body to show off…you know there’s more to her than an overhyped NASCAR driver, there’s also an ass, pussy and EVEN tits…thanks FEMINISM for reminding us.

Here she is doing fitness…

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Danica Patrick Yoga Pose of the Day

I don’t watch Nascar but I assume all you white trash perverts looking at tits do….so you know who Danica Patrick is…

I just know she’s a girl who I guess was a good enough driver to get sponsored in the “man’s sport”…you know some feminist shit that I am assuming was a huge deal but who really cares it’s driving a car…not fucking boxing…or wrestling…some chicks can drive…it’s isn’t really man specific so her competing against men shouldn’t an issue…but it makes for a good personality to “sponsor”…draw attention…throw some pussy into the mix…give guys something to talk about…assuming they aren’t too half retarded to converse…you know being inbred and all..

Well, shes’ doing YOGA in her underwear and it’s hot enough for me to post…keep up the good work cart racer…

Here’s some beach life…yacht life….rich girl life…

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Danica Patrick Bikini Splits of the Day

I always forget that Nascar doesn’t only exist, it is fucking huge, I just don’t fuck with it, probably because I don’t live in a trailer park, or some shitty middle of the road, blue collar subdivision, that just writing about depresses me, knowing exactly what Nascar fans and their wives look like…

You know, I’m ghetto, I’m broke, I don’t crave the finer things in life, but I know I’m a degenerate, it’s these white folk, who think they are living the dream in their folding lawn chairs eating corn meal casserole, drinking cheap beer they got on sale at Walmart..where the lowest price is the law…

But Nascar does exist, and Danica Patrick is the pussy driver with a pussy in the sport that all you trash can jerk off to as she posts shameless pictures doing poses in a bikini because she thinks she has a hot body…and she knows that you will too…better than any of the strippers you get lap dances from after a long day at the mill…right.

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Danica Patrick Ass in a Bikini of the Day


I always assume that Danica Patrick is Winnie Cooper from the Wonder Years, but I think that may be another Danica…or maybe her name isn’t even Danica, the fuck if I know…this Danica Patrick…is the NASCAR driver, a sport I don’t watch, but that I assume you watch, because I attract that level of quality, sophisticated, trailer park dwelling, looking for tit reader…you know the white, racist, lowest common forum of human, who like fake tits, and fast cars…I call it Florida…

I don’t know if she’s ever won anything but the right to tbe the only or the first woman driver in a men’s world…which is surprising because what I know about NASCAR is that girls can’t drive for shit, and it’s full of accidents…

Well, she’s in a bikini with her fake titty friends…and I guess that’s news….


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Danica Patrick Does Yoga of the Day

Here’s a little moment of zen with Nascar driver Danica Patrick…who I assume you all masturabate to…because you are white trash and fucking love Nascar…because Nascar is American….like the confederate flag…you racist redneck fucks…

I have been to a Nascar race once..I don’t really remember it thanks to the open bar in the booth I scammed myself into ..but I know one thing…and that thing is that Danica Patrick wasn’t there, being the “girl racer”…so that she could be hired as a model…because she’s not quite hot enough to be a model..but when she’s attached to race car driving she is…

I guess what I am trying to say is that, based on her yoga…she’d probably be better used in sex videos….but then again, what girl isn’t…

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Danica Patrick’s Selfie Nipple SLIP of the DAy

Race car driver Danica Patrick, who is apparently in tomorrow’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit…took a selfie in front of the mirror…that features her nipple…a nipple that I can assume she didn’t really want to release to the public because unless she’s a breast feeding advocate or a nude model or an attention seeking hooker…her nipple would normally stay in her shirt…

I guess the funny in it is that she shot the fucking picture…it’s not like some ex boyfriend was trying to get revenge or anything…it was all her…and I find that better…

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