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Daniela Cannavaro Does the Shrek in a Bikini of the Day

This is some serious troll pussy….I figure she got a little too into the whole Shrek is making another movie shit and decided she’ll do everything in her power to look like the motherfucker cuz she’s such a serious fan…I really don’t understand this situation, but it is apparently a soccer player and his wife on the beach, only his wife isn’t hot groupie pussy, it’s some pig shit that you probably wouldn’t notice unless the bar was closing and you had a boner you needed to tend to but didn’t have the 50 dollars for street hooker pussy….I mean is this soccer player a queer frontin’, is this some faggot shit that ends with HIV, is he looking for someone who feels like his mother, or does this bitch have dirt on him that she can extort him with, or maybe it’s for citizenship, but I know there is no way this is by choice…cuz even if she has big tits, she has big everything else, broad as farm equipment and it scares me cuz in my fantasy world girls like this don’t exist…but you may like it and it is in a bikini…

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