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Danielle Knudson Topless of the Day

danielle knudson topless covered in sand for a photoshoot

Danielle Knudson is Canada’s very own GUESS? Girl….and you may not know who Danielle Knudson is, but she is topless doing a shoot on the beach, so she must be important, I mean no one is flying you or me to the beach to be topless in a photoshoot…ARE THEY…because we SUCK at life…

That said, Danielle Knudson, not quite fat like Anna Nicole…but still showing off fat tits and looking’ good enough for me to google her nudes that I am sure exist in this era of you gotta get naked to get known…

I do think she’s older, maybe a little played out, definitely not that eventful, but big tits are still big tits, and toplesness is still toplessness and I would not be comfortable discriminating…

Highlight of this video, there is a group of girls topless and whoring together, because misery likes company, or the pressure of the group leads to the more competitive instinct of the group, potentially making for better sluttier content…

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Danielle Knudson & Jordan van der Vyver in a Bathing Suit Shoot of the Day

Danielle Knudson & Jordan van der Vyver in a Bathing Suit Shoot

Danielle Knudson is an irrelevant model from Canada who am not even going to bother looking up on the internet machine…

I feel like I need to give a little Canadian Content…to someone who doesn’t give me any love of admiration on Canada Day when all Canadians hold hands and discuss Native American Issues, Global Warming, the Polar Ice Cap, all the water and minerals we have in the north, and other Canadian things like Celine Dion’s next Album, or Pam Anderson’s tits…it’s a cultural thing…a culture she’s left behind to be a low level, not even that hot, model on the beach in a bathing suit.

The other model is Jordan van der Vyver…whatever the fuck that means..

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Danielle Knudson Good Shoot of the Day

Go Canada…not like she lives in Canada, but she’s from Canada…

Danielle Knudson, ot from the same Igloo community in Canada that I am from, but I am sure we are likely related like all Canadians are….she’s the hot sister I’d be happy watching shower and change….only to get caught by her….leading to her teaching me how to eat pussy…as sister with creepy brothers do….but the reality is that she’s dating some Tennis Player, also from Canada, but not born in Canada, damn LAX immigration policies, getting these Yugoslavian athletes stealing our women….despite being an immigrant from Mexico myself..living the good life in the snow…it doesn’t matter….this is not about me…it’s about Knudson….Canadian promo model, Guess Model, Sports Illustrated titty model…who knows….at 27…she better step it the fuck up and get naked, show that body, own that body…for some fashion magazine you’ve never heard of, because it’s all about the rebrand, the polarizing, the saying “Hey, I’m a cunty brat ( because these girls get popular outside of Canada and have no time to compare beavers with my face in Canada…) but I look good naked SEE!!!”…making moves….the right moves…SEE!

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Danielle Knudson Nude for Jared Thomas Kocka of the DAy


Danielle Knudson posted one of these pictures by instagram turned real photographer JARED THOMAS last week, so I’ll assume they are recent enough to revisit…

Now you probably don’t know who Danielle Knudson and you probably shouldn’t know who she is….because she doesn’t know who you are – and that would make you creepy….but more importantly ,she hasn’t really accomplished much…

I know that as a Canadian, being in the USA working as a model who gets booked for Sports Illustrated, seems like a big deal…making money that isn’t Alberta Oil related…is a big deal..

I will assume that she’s just another one of these girls using Guess and Sports Illustrated to showcase her tits to sell herself off to the highest bidding athlete which in her case is Milos Ranonic – a Canadian tennis player. But that doesn’t mean I know what I am talking about and these pictures are a sign of her stepping up her instagram modeling – to sell more campaigns with her real modeling…because she’s pretty fucking hot and that’d be a good thing to do…
while naked. We like that.

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Danielle Knudson is Good for GUESS of the Day

I have no idea who Danielle Knudson but I do know who Guess is…they are the people who brought the world Anna Nicole Smith..amongst other busty models who don’t matter because they are just shadows of relevant when compared to Anna Nicole Smith…not because they are less famous than her…but because even when dead that bitch is so fat she blocks them all out…

That said, Danielle Knudson, not quite fat like Anna Nicole…but still showing off tits and looking’ good enough for me to google later on…if I remember…because it’s almost lunch time…on a friday and that means who gives a fuck about Danielle Knudson …I want to get free buffet at the strip club time…

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Nordstrom Hates Thongs but I love Danielle Knudson of the Day

It amazes me that in this smut filled world we live in…you know one filled with porn…and trashy celebrated rich kids with sex tapes….and cheating politicians, church leaders and perverts fucking everywhere…..that companies…still try to take the purist approach to selling lingerie as to not upset their overly conservative, Christian customers….

Because seeing Nordstrom….a major fucking retailer…crop out the thong ass of the model like they were trying to avoid being inappropriate…despite trying to sell the fucking thongs in the first place…is just fucking backwards thinking…

Especially when the model who’s amazing ass they are cropping out is…young, vibrant, amazing, Danielle Knudson , who I never heard of before today…but who I can say is probably my soul mate cuz I have a undying urge in my pants to get her fucking pregnant.

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