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Diablo Cody Topless and Personal Pictures of the Day

If you don’t know who Diablo Cody is, her story goes like this. She was an internet loser who would spend her nights trying to find like-minded losers because no one locally understood her, at least according to her, when in reality they just thought she was a fucking loser and eventually moved away to be with her internet boyfriend, marry him and be a stepmother to his baby, because that’s what stable people do.

As a statement to the world condition, or in efforts of being ironic or interesting, this Rockabilly, Pin Up Girl poser who takes herself too seriously, decides to strip. Not knowing that she has no business being naked in front of crowds to begin with and really has no business getting paid to be naked in from of a crowd, because the constant encouragement from her like-minded internet friends lead her to believe that she did.

She ended up doing it full time, because I guess working in the midwest and in some busted down barn stripclub where the other women weigh 300 pounds and have one tooth and a hot pair of cut off overalls and a baby cow to milk as part of their routine, allowed Diablo Cody to feel the same acceptance and reassurance as the hottest girl that she got from her blog…

Either way, she had a blog, was recruited to write a book because some publisher liked her intelligent, sarcastic take on the world, like most internet girls and that lead her from the world of an internet loser to an academy award winner because everyone fell in love with her…..because the average person lacks major fucking substance and felt like they found what they were missing in her Gilmore Girls writing for the losers out there because she is the same girl you laughed at in high school….

Either way, these are her personal pics that pretty much sum all that up and show off her pretty shitty tits that I didn’t fall in love with like the world fell in love with her…..but would still watch dyke out on the stripper pole in her living room, but that’s just because I know she’s that kind of girl and I’m a pervert….

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